Personal Quotes

Courage and bravery

is acting assertively, with strong evidence of depravity. It stems from God Consciousness, intuition, and inspiration

Cowardice and timidity

is acting contemptuously, with baseless skepticism of depravity. It is born out of fear, anxiety, no faith in God, and ignorance.


It is the product of the interplay between the diametrically opposite ideas, thoughts, and events. It is the basis of our universe. Ultimate goal of evolution is to attain perfection. Similarly our mind and body are constantly evolving. We are all at various stages of evolution. We will ultimately reach perfection as our souls get recycled through the birth and death cycles. Love all souls because you will ultimately see each other one day in the state of perfection. Some may just get there sooner than the others.

To love yourself you have to be a …………..

believer, believe in yourself;

knower, know yourself;

reformer, reform youself, and

leader, lead yourself.

Bhavasagar: The ocean of life and existence…

which is in and of itself God Consciousness, we are all drops of water in it. If we isolate ourselves from this ocean, God will still be in us but we will no longer be in God (expounded from Ramakrishna Paramahamsa’s quote: “God is in everyone, but not all are in God)

Nature’s phenomenon:

the drops of water that are on the ocean’s periphery are most effected by nature’s phenomenon. Sometimes experiencing soft landing against the sand on the shore, sometimes clashing hard on the rocks, and sometimes being churned by the tsunamis. The drops that are closer to the center of the ocean enjoy the most bliss and calm.

Soul Cycle: In Hindu Philosophy

Is like water cycle, we evaporate- die; we condense- enjoy our fruits of our merits on earth in a heavenly place; and we precipitate again like the rain and snow.

This cycle continues until the soul attains a state of perfection and becomes one with the infinite like some particles of water remain in the air and may never precipitate.

Be God’s advocate not the devil’s

Success is…..

Measured by hard work

Hard work is measured by mindfulness and self-control

Mindfulness and Self control is measured by attention and focus

Attention and focus is measured by dedication

Dedication is measured by devotion

Devotion is measured by faith and belief

Faith and belief is measured by perseveration

Perservation is measured by completion of task

Completion of task is measured by efficiency and time

Efficiency and time is measured by success

Outcome and grades are just the icing on the cake.

Why do fools argue and the wise discuss??????
The cowards argue because they are afraid of change
The brave discuss because they embrace evolution

Trinity of Self Realization

Actions completed with sincerity and humility with complete dedication to God

Trinity of God Communion…… Nurture and develop

The spiritual eye for inspection

The spiritual ear for intuition

The spiritual mind for introspection

Trinity of existence

Holistic Yoga, Self realization, God communion

Marriage made in heaven

Between God our Father and our Mother Nature. We are all products of this holy union.


Is a God given ability to be cultivated to realize God’s miracles with humility

It is not there to show case it for personal gains of praise, power, fame, and prosperity


Stoking the ego for personal gains (praise, power, fame, money) because of unhealthy attachment and identification of self with the physical body
Be assertive with humility not contemptuous with arrogance

Human Nature:

Commonly doubting the sincerity of others because of narcissistic skepticism based on ones insecurities lending to disharmony.

Bhagvad Gita

Gita is the of study of God and Science in perfect harmony where one cannot exist without the other.

The spiritual energy in the Bhagvad Gita is like the “untapped bubbling geothermal potential energy” hidden under the earth from which all kinetic energy of life can be derived.

Most of us in India in our inertness, insolence, and indolence burn “dung” by deluding ourselves that it is a great natural source of energy for life.

If all Indians follow the tenets in Gita with complete devotion, pure knowledge, mental calmness, and fulfill their duties with utmost sincerity to God, India will be Heaven on Earth with everlasting “health, wealth, prosperity, wisdom, knowledge, and fame”.

Science Vs. God

Cosmic Intelligence is God, whose image is Nature, which is being Nurtured by this Cosmic Intelligence through our Scientific Intelligence which can be best utilized when the Egoistic Intelligence of Ignorance and darkness is shed with the help of the knowledge and light of Cosmic Intelligence


Everything will be alright eventually, in GMT, God’s Metaphysical Time

Spirituality Vs. Religion

Spirituality is universal. It develops God consciousness with divine love and is able to accept all religions.

Religion is regional. It develops fear of God with reverential awe but is skeptical of other religions.

Fear Vs. Caution

Fear is borne out of stress and worries, it fosters cowardice,

Caution is borne out of mindfulness and alertness, it fosters courage.

Arogance and overconfidence

are egoistic manifestations of self-centeredness, fostering delusion of invincibility

Self-Centered Vs. Self- Absorbed

Self-absorbed soul lives ‘in the world’ with non-attachment to the mundane existence and dedication to God’s love,

Self-centered soul is ‘of the world’ being attached to the worldly existence, and is subject to the miseries of fear, lust, anger, greed, coveting, intoxication, etc.
Mental Flexibility:
Everything is ok….
Expose- experience-evolve- as long as you drive your Karma guided by the GPS of Dharma of universal divinity and love

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga without spirituality is just exercise; Meditation without spirituality is just focus, attention, and concentration


Religiously it is a polytheistic theology, Spiritually it is a monotheistic theology. Just like blindfolded people describing an elephant, God is so vast that each one perceives God with a different mental imagery, some perceive God as a paragon of knowledge (Saraswati); some perceive God as paragon of prosperity (Lakshmi); some perceive God as paragon of success in reaching our goals by removing obstacles and hurdles (Ganesha); some perceive God as protector (Vishnu), some perceive God as destroyer of evil (Shiva); some perceive God as creator (Brahma). Spiritually God is a culmination of all these qualities.

Hand of God:

Destiny is all up to God only if you hold God’s hands

Fanatic Thoughts are animalistic primitive behavior of wanting to mark ones territory


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