I am dedicating my writing, my thoughts, and inspirations to my children. I am hoping that I leave behind a piece of me through my expressions, and these inspirations come in handy when their going gets tough. There is no universal solution to avoid the challenges in life, but there is a way to strive for contentment.

Bhakti and Saburi mean devotion and patience. Doing all your duties in life with complete divine devotion, without expectations of the results or rewards, is the way to ultimate bliss. This is the essence of Hinduism. Patience is the only way to overcome challenges that come and go. Nothing, except the power of divinity, is permanent, so this too shall pass.

I have always strived to live by all the thoughts I have in my blogs. I may not get them all right. However I strive to achieve those principles to the best of my abilities. If we all achieved with equal skills, there would be no more life on earth. The difference is what keeps this cycle of life and birth going in an endless loop. In my opinion, if mankind strives to make choices in life based on a strong sense of spirituality (not religion and rituals) the world will be a better place to live in, despite the differences.

To my sons, and to others who read this blog or who know me personally. I am not trying to portray myself as being self-righteous. Through my blogs I am just presenting my view point, my experiences- good and bad, and my account of what keeps my clock ticking day in and day out relentlessly. However I do stick strongly by my opinion until my own experiences prove them otherwise. So far my principles have served me well.

If you read them with a neutral emotion, there may be something in it for you too.

God bless for a content living.


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    • Thanks. As Yogananda says we cannot pick birth relatives but certainly can pick and select spiritual brothers and sisters.
      I am sure I have picked mine in u both…..:)

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