Inspirational Thoughts: 7/24/2017: Mental Flexibility

Human capacity is limited to the five senses. Every phenomena in this material world is based on tangible proof that can be seen, touched, smelled, heard, tasted or felt. Every idea can only be validated when we have tangible proof using the sensory input. This is true for both religion and science.  In Science there is a hypothesis that needs to be proven, and in religion there is a belief needing a proof.  Science uses various instrumentation to prove or disprove an idea. Religion uses its religious text to prove its point. In either case it utilizes the sensory input to prove or disprove an idea. However the noumenon behind all phenomenon is the cosmic intelligence that cannot be perceived nor proven by any sense perception. What can be seen is this material world is the phenomenon which is temporary, what is beyond sense perception is eternal and permanent. However as humans we cannot conceptualize anything that cannot be perceived and thus we look for a tangible proof in science to prove the existence of a  phenomenon and a perceived miracle in religion to prove the existence of God. Amazingly even those who ridicule idol worship (sense perception) to be a pagan practice are the ones who say that the only way one can achieve God status is if they can resurrect themselves (sense perception). Why is it that humans look for a phenomenon to prove the noumenon? How is this possible????

To understand that which is beyond sense perception requires mental flexibility. It requires the mind to reason beyond human interpretations, and rituals. It requires the mind to step out of the comfort zone. God is not in a book, in a building, nor is God in the name. God is just everywhere and in every phenomenon regardless of the belief system. God cannot be explained using cause-effect or logical reasoning and analysis.

The universe is a vast interconnected system. The tree needs dirt, the dirt needs water, water needs the sun, the sun needs the clouds, clouds need water, the water needs the wind, the wind needs temperature changes, the temperature changes are dependent on the sun. The tides are dependent on the gravitational pull. All these phenomenon just happen on an endless rhythm. There is no switch to turn it on or off, there is no technician to make sure it is working correctly. So how does this all happen? The cosmic intelligence which is the noumenon cannot be seen, touched, felt, heard, smelt, tasted, but is always there keeping the universe alive with or without me, you, religion, science, history, geography, language,…………….. So why then are we constantly trying to disprove each other’s belief systems? Why can’t we just accept that all our beliefs are just that. There is no way of proving the noumenon within this material world. All beliefs are just paths to reach the world beyond sense perceptions. These paths are not to be compared, disregarded, or condemned. Each path to eternity is beautiful. However the souls that walk on these paths pollute them with their egoistic and narcissistic beliefs. If each of us learn to accept each other’s paths and seek the beauty, God will just manifest within and without this material energy that we call universe, galaxy, planet, earth, …………….All that is needed is FAITH to know God, we do not need our senses to BELIEVE in God.


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