Inspirational Thoughts 3/20/16: Yoga

God is the Universal Spirit and the Cosmic Intelligence that creates endless shapes and forms to be appreciated and perceived. The irony is one cannot perceive or appreciate their own form or shape. It can only be revealed through another material medium via reflection. Without the power of reflection one would have no idea of their own material self as perceived by others who can see it. This paradox where we can perceive everything except our own self attests to the fact that we can only realize our true self through intuitive knowledge.

The true self is the inner spirit within us which projects out as our material shape and form in order to be perceived and appreciated by the sense organs. The spirit of God can only be appreciated and perceived in the material world through our sensory inputs and motor outputs. As material beings we can only gauge this universe by what we see, hear, smell, taste, feel and proprioception (The unconscious perception of movement and spatial orientation arising from stimuli within the body itself).

The spirit of God is infused into the entire contents of the universe. The universe is a a large mirror which reflects the variety of shapes and forms of God’s creation through the material world. Everything we know about the material world through out senses is thus God Incarnate. We ourselves are God Incarnate by the virtue of being materialized through the spirit. However the lack of intuition to know our true self or realize the spirit of God within us makes us mortal souls in the universe being bound by our senses.

Thus as material sentient beings we are created in the IMAGE OF GOD reflected via the universal mirror of the universe. The material world is the medium through which we can perceive God through our senses.  The infusion of Spirit of God within us can only be realized through the Union of our inner true self which is the Spirit of God within,  with the Universal Cosmic Spirit without. This Union with the Cosmic Intelligence of the Universe is the true meaning of YOGA.

The Cosmic Intelligence is formless (Nirakara), without qualities (Nirguna), and without attributes (Nirvishesha). Thus to know the Cosmic energy behind this material expression we need to use our intuitive skills beyond our shape, form, attributes, and qualities. Although we have to know that God is beyond the material manifest, we have to acknowledge the presence of God in the manifest universe. Based on this knowledge we have to develop the knowledge of presence of God everywhere and in everything. Only through this knowledge can we develop universal LOVE for one and all equally without discrimination.

Inspirational Thoughts 3/20/2016: Yoga as Narrated by God





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