Inspirational Thoughts 10/7/15: Universal Spirituality

Hitler’s obsession to promote an Aryan world, resulted in mass murder of innocent lives based on religion.

Gang rape in 2012 in New Delhi India. The young girl died a miserable death being overpowered by strength.

The Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012 ending innocent lives before their time based on lack of adequate defenses.

The Virginia Tech shooting in 2007 killing many aspiring young hearts due to helplessness and lack of defenses.

The mob killing in 2015 in India because of a rumor that the man had consumed beef, based on religious differences.

The mob riots in Baltimore in 2015 because the police arrested and apparently killed him based on color differences.

Cleveland kidnapper arrest in 2013 after ruining the lives of 3 young girls and their families because of misplaced trust and familiarity

In all of the above cases the only common factor is the involvement of a deranged human who has lost perspective of humanity, compassion, and love.

The common public outcry to resolve these situations in the world is usually directed towards the Government to do something about that. After all Government is by the people, for the people, and of the people. The people elected in the government are the individuals in the society. The individuals have to make internal changes to bring about external harmony including changes to the Government to truly represent we the people.

We have to promote equality not from external appearances, or socioeconomic status, religion, health, color, caste, etc. We have to truly promote the idea that everyone is created equally in the eyes of God. If we have to make a difference we should be turning towards our religions and demanding universal spirituality through religious freedom rather than promoting religious factions through identity and superiority.

Every religion in the end has to eventually preach universal spirituality based on the fact that there is 1 creator and creation is just an extension of this universal creator. Under the external appearance of religious label, color, race, culture, creed, caste, we all have the same organs that function exactly the same. If religions do not base their message on this basic fact we can never promote harmony. Self-control, love, and compassion can only come from acceptance and embracing external superficial differences. Every life on earth is sacred and special.
Crimes have always existed since the history of mankind. Every civilization has stories of atrocities and oppression. Deranged minds succumbing to lust, greed, avarice, anger, attachment and delusions, hubris, arrogance, envy, impulsivity, etc. For these minds anything in their external environment can become an easy weapon to use to serve their own needs. The answer definitely is not external controls like gun bans. All crimes and wars are instigated by deranged people using a variety of tools to further their purpose. Secularism is not the answer. Promoting universal spirituality is the only way to make a difference in the world.

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