Inspirational Thoughts 9/20/2015: Homeostasis

Everything in the universe is seeking internal stability. The world exists in its quest to maintain this stability. Thus as we say the pendulum always swings back, fashion, moral values, culture, history, etc, have all swung back and forth and come back to some semblance of previous state. However our world is always in a state of flux and change is constant, so it is impossible to go back to the exact point where the pendulum had swung from. So the new cycle starts all over again.

Every time forces of nature senses some kind of degradation or threat to the stability there is a compelling force to stabilize it with an equal and opposite reaction to maintain the internal stability. However in doing so it may push it to another extreme where there is again another sense of instability. Although the universe and its forces are all trying to attain this internal stability, it is not possible to maintain it for a long time because of the constant change which automatically destabilizes it. The weather can only remain nice and pleasant for so long, but it cannot be maintained because there are other destabilizing forces such as wind, rain, sun, day, night, etc. Similarly the we can only be happy and content with the latest gadget we bought because market changes will have another better gadget which will become more enticing. The thought of wanting the latest gadget becomes the source for instability.

Change is a domino effect. One change effects another, and thus it is almost impossible to revert back in time even if one would like it so. The constant change and the need for stability is what keeps the earth alive. Maintaining the stability is impossible, however if this is reached at any point of time, existence will seize because changes in the forces of nature will also seize at that point of time.

The pendulum keeps shifting from one extreme to another. From evil-virtue, good-bad, wealthy-poor, black-white, ¬†oppression-downtrodden, etc. This oscillation from one extreme to another is triggered by lust, anger, greed, jealousy, attachment, coveting along with insolence and indolence.These are the forces of human nature that keep the society in a state of flux and destabilize the short periods of stability. Where there is too much wealth, jealousy and greed takes over and coveting happens. This leads to anger due to the attachment, which degrades the ‘overall goodness’ to retaliate and this changes the good to evil if the anger continues. Too much oppression will trigger anger and the downtrodden will rise up to become rebels. The forces will eventually swing back to goodness or wealth when evil and poverty prevails and the forces of nature will push back to regain stability.

Humans can overcome this instability only by making internal changes. The concept of world peace can be achieved only by creating internal harmony within each soul. This internal stability, harmony, or balance is Sattva. The neutral state of internal being where the world is not viewed from extreme points of view. The diversity of the society is accepted without judgment. This Sattvik nature is the balance between the Tamasic and Rajasic natures (indolence and insolence). The Sattvik person is not emotionally riled up in any circumstance yet acts when there is a need to take action and rests when there is a need for it. To attain this homeostasis of sattvik nature one has to ground self equally in Faith, Tolerance-Strength, Patience, and Moral-Ethical way of life (Bhakti, Shakti, Saburi, and Dharma).

Existence as we know it is just a very small piece of the big picture. Nobody knows whence we have come from and where we are going to. The only saving grace is our faith in the divine. From divine love comes universal love. Where there is universal love there is no judgement. Everyone is equal in the eyes of the same divinity. Where there is no judgment there is strength to tolerate everything. Yet from the same divine love comes the drive to strive to follow the moral-ethical path every moment of life.


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