Inspirational Thoughts 5/15/2015: Balance

I was pondering an intriguing presentation by Cesar Milan- the ‘Dog Whisperer’. He said that there are 3 types of people- the emotional, spiritual, and intellectual kinds. He said dogs are instinctual.

I realized that in fact humans do belong to one of the 4 categories. The emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and instinctual. Some are attached to the worldly pleasure (the Bhogi) and some are liberated from this attachment (the Yogi).

The Bhogis: They stay bonded to this life. They look for good-bad; evil-divine; ugly-beautiful etc.

The Emotional types succumb to anger; depression, jealousy, lust, greed, coveting, fear, etc. due to attachment to the pleasures of life

The Spiritual types succumb to blaming God for all their miseries, or eventually stop being believers

The Intellectual types look for answers in books. They read voraciously, they have amazing memory for facts, and continue to search for the truth endlessly with no answer. They look for logic and reason in everything. If logic and reason cannot be applied they call in coincidence.

The instinctual kinds completely succumb to fulfilling their physical/ bodily needs- hunger, thirst, sex, sleep, excretion, and aimless activity

The Yogi: They are liberated from the bondage of life. There is no polarity of thoughts, everything neutral to stay balanced.

The emotional types recognize their unhealthy emotions. Through Sattva- through neutral balanced emotions that promote love not indifference, they realize that these reactions only bind the human to their own egos and keeps them bound to the worldly miseries. Realizing the more they surrender these unhealthy emotions closer they are to liberation and freedom which in and of itself is finding the truth.

The Spiritual types recognize that God is not an external entity granting or denying wishes as a King. Through Bhakti -Faith, they know that divinity is within and without. The will of the divine always exists. Surrendering their will to the will of divine liberates them from the bondage of the world. ‘Thy Will will be done to eventually find the truth.

The Intellectual types are those who realize all books are just opinions of other humans who too are in the quest of the truth. Through Shakti- Strength, they overpower their intellectual ego. They realize there are no coincidences, it is all orchestrated. They make divine will their own will, and thus do not feel out of control, and eventually attain liberation, and find the ultimate truth.

The Instinctual types realize that instead of being bound to the physical body instinctively, it is better to be bound to the divine soul within intuitively. Through Dharma-Righteousness, their Intuitive knowledge binds them to inner sixth sense which liberates them from the bondage of the physical body, to ultimately find the truth.

Dharma, Sattva, Bhakti, Shakti are paths to seek the same truth. There is no age limitation to seek the truth. India has stories of young children seeking the truth and finding liberation.

BhaktaPrahalad’s story is a fine example of story of Shakti to attain liberation

Nachiketa’s story is an example of  story of Dharma to attain liberation

Shankaracharya’s story is a good account of Sattva to attain true knowledge

Dhruva’s story is a great example of Bhakti to attain liberation or Moksha.

Self-realization can be achieved through Yoga of living. Mindfulness and Self-Control can be achieved through meditation and use of Yoga postures/ asanas. Eventually one realizes that freedom and liberation from this ocean of life is God as well as bondage to this life is also God. Sometimes God promotes extreme bondage to help you seek liberation by willingly letting go of his attachment to be liberated which is also orchestrated by the same Universal God. A true Yogi is one who is able to enjoy the worldly pleasures while staying liberated from the attachment to them.


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