Inspirational Thoughts 3/7/2014: Union

In the Hindu tradition and philosophy there is a great emphasis on the union or marriage of Gods and Goddesses. Wedding ceremonies are truly considered a match made in heaven, and all rituals are symbolic of the union orchestrated by the divine and the union of the divine. The bride is adorned and symbolically presented as a Goddess to the groom’s family for safekeeping, and the groom is welcomed by the bride’s family into the family as God who would be the protector of their priced possession.

For every Hindu God form which is only an aspect of the universal God or Supreme Brahman, there is a consort or a female form that is inseparable such as Vishnu-Lakshmi and Shiva-Parvati. God forms that we see in the Hindu philosophy are accompanied with a female Goddess form or consort. The significance is based on the Yin-Yang principle of Divinity which is within and without everything and everyone. It is a force of conglomerate of ideas. Divinity is that force that preserves integrity, prevents destruction and degradation, and promotes enlightenment. This force of divinity is within all of us. We are just oblivious to its existence because we are so enamored by the sensory pleasures and stimulations around us. These conglomerate of ideas are the idols with forms.

The nature’s enrichments around us (Goddess Lakshmi) wakes up our desires within us. This desire inspires and creates a fund knowledge (Lord Brahma) to acquire the material/ physical wealth that seems pleasurable to us. We have the free will to choose a path to reach our goal. Some paths can be egoistic and self-serving while others can be through righteous means. If we listen to our enlightened mind (Goddess Sarasvati) through intuitive feelings we can discriminate between Godly and Egoistic path. We have the free will to choose the path. The free will that follows the Godly path is our inner conscience (Lord Vishnu) that preserves our integrity. To choose the path of God we have to destroy our feelings of immediate gratification, jealousy, anger, lust, greed, coveting, and indifference  of mind (I don’t care) (Lord Shiva) by being empowered (Goddess Parvati) to arouse inner strength, mindfulness, alertness, discrimination, self-restraint, and self-regulation within us. These forces that compliment each other are the basis of the holy matrimony and the symbolic meaning of Gods and their Consorts.

In Hindu tradition all weddings are blessed to be a holy matrimony in the spirit of complimenting forces to preserve the 4 basic guiding posts of  life on earth- Love, Prosperity, Righteousness, and Liberation (Kama, Artha, Dharma, Moksha). When the union is based on the desire of enriched lives through the complimentary force of Godly conscience, Knowledge through Enlightenment, and Ego destruction through Empowerment, the marriage is truly a blessed one.

49 years ago my parents vowed to complement each other to their best of their abilities daily.  Signed and sealed with the words “Dharmecha, Arthecha, Kamecha, Mokshecha.. Naati Charaami!!”

They have lived up to this promise daily and have been excellent role models. God’s force be strong to uphold the sanctity and unity for many more years to come.

Om Sai Ram


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