Inspirational Thoughts 2/23/2013: Me and I

Without nature God cannot manifest. Without God nature cannot exist. Nature is ‘me’, and God is ‘I’. ‘Me’ is perishable, ‘I’ is permanent. My true self is not ‘me’, my true self is ‘I’. While ‘me’ is ego, ‘I’ is God. If every entity of nature is manifestation of God than ‘I’ is in ‘You’ and ‘Me’. Although ‘You’ and ‘Me’ are not the same, ‘I’ is in both ‘You’ and ‘Me’. God created nature to help us perceive ‘I’ through our 5 senses. God preserves nature to help us know ‘I’. Destruction of nature is inevitable since the ‘me’ was never meant to be permanent. It was only meant to be a temporary medium of manifestation of ‘I’ for the purpose of helping us know ‘I’.

When we identify ourselves with ‘Me’ we get entangled in the quagmire of life. When we identify ourselves with ‘I’ we experience joy and bliss. Life’s roller coaster does not affect our living. To know ‘I’ it is necessary to detach from ‘Me’ while being very mindful of ‘Me’. We cannot have a blank mind to know ‘I’. When our mind is blank and not mindful it is not possible to make choices through our God Consciousness. Only through mindfulness can we make Godly choices. Our consciousness and awareness of ourselves being God, we can only be aware of our consciousness by being mindful.

When we eventually identify with ‘I’ body consciousness of ‘Me’ is not there anymore, however mindfulness of ‘Me’ continues to be very essential to continue to gain more knowledge of this limitless vast ‘I’ which is impossible to know and understand in one lifetime of the body of ‘Me’.

Yoga Asanas or Postures and Pranayama or deep breathing are stepping-stones to the process of detaching from body consciousness. Asanas and breathing techniques improve self-awareness of body and body consciousness. Initially there is body-space awareness but eventually there develops a spiritual awareness by gaining knowledge of our own consciousness that is able to know and witness our body in space. This is the state of spiritual awareness or self-realization where earth-bound emotions do not matter anymore. This is the state of mind of highly achieved talented individuals. Their feats are pure manifestation of the same ‘I’ which is beyond the state of mere body consciousness.

We have an obligation to preserve our body and take care of it to help the ‘I’ manifest and shine through ‘Me’. But not overindulged by identifying ourselves with ‘Me’.  We can gain knowledge of ‘I’ when we detach from our sense indulgence but we need sense consciousness to take care of our ‘Me’. So Me and I are both equally important.


One comment on “Inspirational Thoughts 2/23/2013: Me and I

  1. This is probably the best piece you have written, Kavita! Every word is worth its weight in gold, the principles of wisdom, virtue and strength we see you seek to live by in your daily life. We are proud to call you our friend!

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