Inspirational Thoughts 2/13/2014: Puzzle

We live in a multi-piece 3-D puzzle called the universe. We are all integral piece of it. The divine creator is constantly trying to make all pieces fit perfectly into this 3-D puzzle to enhance its beauty. Only the creator has the ability to perceive the whole and the parts. This insight and understanding of the whole picture is beyond the capacity of perception within each of the individual parts.

While all other beings and entities in this universe surrender and succumb to the divine will and allow the creator to place the pieces unquestioningly, humans are inherently unable to follow the same path because of their egoistic attachment to self. Unable to perceive the big picture humans look at themselves as a flawed piece. They dwell on their own rough edges and yearn to smoothen all sides. Only by looking at the whole picture can humans understand that every piece has rough edges at least on 2 sides.

Dwelling on rough edges leads the human mind to egoistically try to alter the shape of the puzzle. Changing the shape and size of the piece is in other words trying to change the course of destiny which is going against the divine will. Although in the limited sense making this change feels good to the mind, it creates a misfit in the big picture thus causing other pieces of the puzzle to have to make changes to readjust to this change. This is the domino effect of Karma. Thus the creator is constantly trying to make adjustments in this universe to keep the puzzle pieces fit perfectly due to our egoistic needs to selfishly change our limited external selves.  Creation-destruction-preservation are all the endless actions of this divine plan to keep the integrity of this great puzzle we are all a part of.

Instead of trying to alter our course of destiny by egoistically believing in our limited perception it may be wiser to surrender wholly to the divine will. Believing without a doubt that we are not able to perceive the whole, and by trusting that the divine is the only all-knowing, and all caring entity can we fully succumb to this divine plan. Allowing the pieces of the puzzle to fall into place without resistance is the true meaning of Faith. Deeper ‘Faith‘ naturally develops unwavering ‘Patience‘. Only through undying Faith and Patience will our puzzle pieces find the smooth edges to our complete likings- all in God’s time!!!!!

That is the eternal message of ever-loving Sai Baba:

Shradha- Faith; Saburi- Patience


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