Inspirational Thoughts 1/31/2014: Soul Affirmations

Power of positive thoughts has been discussed for ages now. Many believe in the conviction of its good effects on life and daily living. Positive thinking has many external benefits including spreading good cheer, and having a happy looking face. A happy face is always welcome compared to a frown. However this concept is not readily accepted by everyone. Life’s drama is so full of ups and downs that it is hard for the human brain to believe that this oversimplified positive thinking can actually be effective in the complex process of life.

My own understanding of positive thinking has completed a full circle. In the beginning I did not believe just simple positive thoughts can have profound effects on the environment around me. I had a change of mind when I observed positive people around me, and read about the experiences of great self-realized souls who spread such happiness around them, and made such a positive change around them. Only when I accepted the power of positive thoughts was I able to contemplate deeper into the truth of positive thinking. Only then did I have a revelation of why positive thoughts are indeed very effective. Every positive thought can come true only when it is affirmed with the soul spirit.

All those who believe in the power of positivity believe in some level of consciousness that their souls are one with the cosmic intelligence of this universe. If ‘The Cosmic Intelligence’ has the ability to do anything and if we are made in the image of this ‘Cosmic Intelligence’ then we too can make or break our lives. We have to believe that our true identity is the soul which is the image of this ‘Cosmic Intelligence’. We have to allow our soul spirit to merge into this vast cosmic spirit without qualms. Through the power of cosmic spirit to the soul spirit we can wish positive thoughts to have positive effects all the time. That is the wish of the cosmic spirit too.

Ill will and negativity is a cause of our egos. We cannot perceive anything beyond the limited perceptions of our human existence. We cannot believe that miracles are possible. Our attachment, to our ego world of illusion,  is not able to accept that we have the power of making a positive change. Our fears of the worst possible outcome is the result of negativity and ill will. The more we focus on fear we allow the egos to take charge of our world around us. Ultimately the power of negative thoughts come true and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. We then blame it on God. Where as God always wished for us to give up fear and focus on positive outcomes.

When we pray to God majority of us focus on our wants and desires. We are focused on fulfilling our egoistic needs out of fear of the worst outcome. Sometime our natural soul tendency of wishing for positivity overcomes our negative feelings and our wish comes true. We then believe in God because we were granted our wish. Our prayers then are an endless loop of desires to fulfil our mortal existence.

Instead if every prayer of ours asks God to help us surrender our ego-our good, our bad, our ugly, completely to the divine spirit within us, the outcomes of our actions will not effect our lives. When the outcome is of no consequence then there will be no fear. Only when we rid ourselves of fear of negative outcomes, can we then bless our human existence with positive outcomes without doubts. As our souls merge more and more with divine spirit within and without all outcomes will become a reason for more positive thoughts to emerge. The more positive thoughts that emerge, there will be less and less room for negativity to manifest.

Today I Surrender my ego;

Today I will manifest positivity with affirmations of my soul.

“Hamsa” “Hamsa” “Hamsa”- “I am merged with the Divine”.


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