Inspirational Thoughts 1/29/2014: Samsara

King Yudishtra, who was the oldest of the Pandava brothers. asked his wise Grandsire Bheeshma a series of questions about God- the only path of truth. One of the questions was:

Kim japan muchyate jantuh Janma-samsaara-bandhaaat?
By doing japa of what can “creatures” (jantu) go beyond the bonds of
Answer- A naadi-nidhanam vishnum Sarvaloka-maheshvaram Lokaadhyaksham stuvan nityam Sarva-duhkha-atigo bhavet. The greatest Dharma is the one Vishnu (another name for God), who has neither a beginning (Aadi) nor an end (Nidhanam), the supreme Lord of the world. All creatures can go beyond the bonds of samsar.  One who daily chants the sahasranamas (thousand names to describe God) and within glorifies “the knower of the world” (Lokaadhyaksha) can go beyond all sorrows. The supreme is described as that from which the whole world of names and forms had risen in the beginning of the creation, that in which the world continues to exit, that into
which alone the world can merge back during the ‘Dissolution’ (Pralaya); this supreme is VISHNU (God).

So what is Samsara?

Samsara is a Sanskrit word colloquially and loosely used synonym of the word ‘world’ which can be very limiting in definition.  Samsara is not limited to matter. It includes every aspect of matter, motion, inaction, inertia, action-reaction, emotion, living-non-living, earth, and the universe. Samsara is this-worldly Maya or illusion created by the limitations of our sense perception. Earthbound creatures are slaves to this maya created by their own limited sense perception. Because of which they act and react within a very narrow tunnel vision. The big picture is beyond our human perception and  is very hard to fathom.

Few great souls on earth have experienced and manifested the reality beyond samsara. Buddha, Krishna, Rama, Moses, Jesus, Mohammad, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Vivekananda, Saibaba, Yogananda, are a few examples of embodiment of divine manifestation of souls in human form. Their presence on earth had one purpose -to lead the ignorant into knowledge.

Our actions, and reactions that may seem very appropriate to our limited minute existence, cause ripple effect beyond our imagination. Our action or our karma causes others to react or act which is their karma. Similar to earthquakes or Tsunamis in one part of the world causing tremors and giant waves on the opposite end due to the ripple effect. Ironically it all starts locally and emerges globally. Local karma is the action of our individual Egos and Global karma is the action of a community, our society, our culture, our country, our nations, our world.

Every turmoil and every peaceful triumph in this world can be traced back to a very localized karma of one soul. Bin Laden and Martin Luther King are examples of this ripple of Samsara. The cause of the Mahabharata war can be traced back to the Karma of King Shantanu generations before the war actually took place. His lustful love for the daughter of a fisherman caused events which led him to ask his son Bheeshma an oath of celibacy which caused a ripple effect and a series of ego driven karmas of different souls that led to the ultimate turmoil. But for the divine intervention of Krishna justice would not have been restored and peaceful triumph would not have been established in the end. For every peace there is a war waiting to happen, and every war there is peace in the end within and without each one our existence.

Souls are constantly getting buried in the dirt of ego, and the deeper they get buried the more they get entangled in this cycle of life and birth. The whole goal of life is to one day, some day, cleanse ourselves of the dirt, and finally rejoin with divine grace which is our true self. Until this realization occurs we will continue to amass dirt. We all have the ability to end this endless loop here and now. In surrendering to that which is greater than us- God. Surrender our life, our existence, our good, our bad, our ugly. Not take credit for any event or outcome. All actions and outcomes being a result of God’s work through our mortal coils for a greater purpose.

Only through surrender can one forgive and forget the past. Only through surrendering our glories can we remain humble. Only through surrender can the path of spirituality and righteousness be established. Only through establishing strong spiritual foundation can soul peace be attained. Only through soul peace can one cross the boundaries of this illusory SAMSARA to eventually merge with the ultimate truth. Until then the cycles of life and birth is inevitable. Self-realization is the gateway to heaven- our true abode.


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