Inspirational Thoughts 1/2/2014: Timeless

Supreme Brahman or Almighty God is the creator, preserver, and destroyer of nature and universe. Only through that grace all creation exists or desists. In Hindu philosophy of life the primordial sound OM, the elemental vibration of all matter in this universe is the basis of all existence. The friction or the vibration which is the basic substratum of matter, is the foundation of evolution, and birth of life. This is the life force that is in every matter which helps the entire universe to continue to exist.

By the Grace of the ultimate reality the life force when transfused creates, and when withdrawn terminates nature as we know it. By the same Grace of God preservation of nature occurs by balancing the extremes of good and evil, bad and good, happy and sad, moral and immoral, etc. The constant attempt to keep the extreme impulses of all nature in balance is the meaning of life. God’s Grace continues to keep the universe subsisting. The trinity God- Brahma the creator, Shiva or Maheshwara the destroyer, Vishnu the preserver.

Change is the only constant to continue to keep the balance of negative and positive influences on nature. When negative and positive are equally balanced the forces will cancel out each other creating a total collapse or non-existence (?black hole), as decided by God alone. However in the cycle of creation and destruction there is no end there is no beginning. The cycle continues endlessly and timelessly. Time is just the present moment, it always was, is always is, and always will be.

In the endless cycle of life and death, living is just a series of events bestowed by the ultimate triune God to preserve nature as we know it. Each event experienced by the various entities of nature triggers thoughts of pain or pleasure; sadness or happiness; good or evil; morality or immorality, safety or danger etc, that results in an action that causes change in the environment. Life’s series of events are just a way of constantly creating a balance in forces to ultimately help with preservation. Whereas neutral thoughts trigger neutral actions and status quo continues.

Humans are unique in their ability to make conscious choices and being able to be aware of the conscious mind and thus being aware of the all-pervading divinity within and without. Actions that are a consequence of  attached emotions and feelings result in self-centered choices for promoting self-interest. Actions triggered by non-attachment to the personal emotions serve a larger interest for promoting well-being of mankind and nature. That is the path of non-attachment in Hinduism, not the same as apathy. All choices of actions based on love and love alone, is the essence of manifestation of divinity.

Our perishable bodies may not be worthy of worship, but it is very worthy of all respect because it houses the divine spirit in it. The spirit that is the transfused force of God. The HOLY SPIRIT. Nature is the body that houses the permeating HOLY SPIRIT. Thus nature or prakriti deserves all our respect and reverence just as one would for GOD our Father. Our Father’s Grace permeated creation -the SON. The Son the Human has the choice to walk on the path of God of timeless present moment by virtue of the ability to make conscious choices.

Sab Ka Maalik Ek. Everyone’s GUARDIAN is ONE.

Feel the OM within you to arouse your DIVINITY.

Arouse the DIVINITY to feel THE LOVE.

Feel the LOVE to know our GUARDIAN who permeates all creation the Ultimate Reality- the Supreme Brahman- the ONE Almighty God

God Bless, and Happy New Year to one and all.


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