Inspirational Thoughts 9/20/2013: Will and Grace

The only universal truth is Life is uncertain and Death is certain. The uncertainty of life ends only at the moment when life ceases, at which time complete calmness veils over the body. Between life and death we are constantly trying to find a sense of internal and external stability for self-preservation.

The uncertainty of life causes fear and anxiety of losing our sense of balance. Within the physical realm all creatures maintain a sense of balance by constantly shifting or adjusting the center of gravity. Physiologically the sense of stability is satisfied by responding to basic needs of hunger, thirst, and shelter. Universal stability is achieved by procreation and reproduction. Humans are the only species who have to maintain mental stability in addition to all other aspects of equilibrium. Where as all other creation maintain their equilibrium instinctively driven by the innate cosmic intelligence, humans are uniquely endowed with consciousness and awareness to be able to recognize this cosmic intelligence and act accordingly.

External changes in the environment and life causes insecurity because of the fear of losing balance. The conscious mind tries to achieve mental stability by paying attention to our feelings about our thoughts resulting in a physiological changes indicating us of a desire to fulfill a need or a wish. Based on the desire we act accordingly. On the other end of the continuum is boredom, when there is no threat to the stability externally, so the mind engages in thoughts to cause a threat to this stability internally and once again begins a vicious cycle of fear, feelings, physiological changes indicating a lack of something and a desire to acquire it and action to achieve it.

When life just becomes monotonous, thoughts such as  “lack of spark” creates an internal sense of instability and insecurity. This insecurity leads to the desire to fulfill the wish of bringing some action back to the life. On the other hand when there is a thoughts of being ignored causes an external threat to the stability causing a desire to fulfill this deficit. All threats arising from internal and external triggers or thoughts of insecurity lead to one or more feelings of lust, anger, greed, attachment, pride (hubris), envy. These feelings cause a physiological delusion of deficiency resulting in hurtful actions for self and for others. The actions are on a continuum of depression resulting in suicidal tendencies to violent behaviors resulting in abusive torturous behaviors. All other actions including cheating, lying, coveting, stealing, gossiping, slandering, etc. are somewhere in between this continuum. The feelings are often said to be the deadly sins because they invariably lead to unhealthy patterns of actions.

Most people would advice to try to stop these feelings to be able to avoid the harmful actions. However when there is a sense of insecurity and instability it is very difficult if not impossible to avoid these feelings. Thus the advice given by many and rightfully so is often easier said than done. These solutions although legitimate are not viable as long as the body and mind operates at sub-conscious level. The actions always serve self-interest instead of self-preservation.

To overcome the unhealthy feelings and bring back stability within and without we need to cultivate super conscious thinking to withstand the turmoil in life. We need faith and devotion to a higher power the cosmic intelligence. For a super conscious thinker the wind, the storm, the rain, the earthquake of life are all God’s will.

Super conscious minds make God’s will their will. They believe that God’s love is their love. They know God’s strength is their strength, and God’s essence permeates within and without their physical causal existence. Just as the Jesus symbolically stated that the bread the disciples ate was his body, and the wine they drank was his blood.

Surrendering God’s will to one’s will is just one of the oars of the boat. To steer the boat safely to shore it is not enough to stay inactive. Steering the boat with one oar results in circling endlessly in this ocean of life. The super conscious minded knows that there is a purpose to fulfill on earth and that purpose can only be best fulfilled by performing God-given daily duties of life with devotion without expectations. This is the other oar. Devotion to actions in daily life earns the Grace of God. God’s Grace gets us to our destination safely.

All of God’s Will is a way of trying to stretch us out of our comfort zone to the best of our abilities to help us grow and mature. Making God’s Will our Will helps us tolerate our inconveniences in life and avoid the feelings that lead us to unhealthy actions. Doing our duties with devotion helps us earn God’s Grace. Through God’s Will and Grace we can stop the vicious cycle of thoughts of anxiety, and boredom leading to unhealthy patterns. God’s Will and Grace also provides us the strength to act on true fears appropriately.

Only through God’s Will can we maintain stability and security. Only through God’s Grace can we safely reach our earthly and heavenly destinations.

Nothing is impossible through God’s Will and Grace!!


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