Inspirational Thoughts 8/29/2013: Kindred Spirit

Animals by nature are gregarious creatures. They instinctively form colonies and societies based on a common bond. Interdependence within the society forming common bonds, and Intra-dependence between societies of other kinds are part of the natural phenomenon. For a harmonious existence it is obvious that a healthy dependence and relationship is essential within and across societies and colonies. Although this phenomenon is common knowledge, the noumenon of relationships is seldom contemplated upon. Every relationship in this universe, whether it is with a plant, animal, other humans, other creatures and material connection is orchestrated through a chain of reactions which is beyond our control.

Of the various relationships mentioned here the most obvious affiliation/ association seems to be first with our parents, and then with our spouses. As a single cell at inception we as humans have no control of choice of parents. Then as adults even as we delude ourselves that we are in control of our lives, we accept a total stranger as our spouse. As we look back we may wonder about the other suitors who could easily have been our spouses, but circumstances did not culminate serendipitously to build a mini-society within a larger society with ensuing progeny. Moreover the union of the strangers by more subtle noumenon connects two families who may have been strangers at one point too.

On the flip side of the coin the chance meeting with other humans from across the globe, or with animals, or with other souls through adoption, or in vitro fertilization, introduction of friendships, material gains is just as orchestrated as loss of these relationships through falling out of friendship, death, losing them along the way, loss of material, etc.

When we look closely there is always a chain of action and reaction that when analyzed through logical limited human perception could have had a different outcome if just one of the links were altered in the chain. In hind-sight this may have been a better choice , however did we really have control over any of those links. And if we did have control over the situation, why did we not act in a different way? May be our minds were clouded with ignorance of mental afflictions and so clarity of thoughts was not possible. So as a result we react egoistically instead of allowing our pure spirit within us take charge of our actions. In either case, we are not in control of the situation. If we react egoistically, chain of reaction is orchestrated to suit the nature of our action, and if we allow the purity within us (non-judgmental love) take charge of our action, then again the chain of reaction is orchestrated to suit that choice.

Relationships orchestrated in the universe seemingly a noumenon, our experiences in life appears to be a lifelong school of learning to allow the non-egoistic super-consciousness to act during every moment of existence.  If we allow our experiences to further strengthen our egoistic reactions, then by that definition, we are eternally failing in our life education. At some point the human body being perishable has to die. Then what happens to our soul our spirit within, our life force in and of itself. We may then need to enter back into another form back into the universe to finish schooling???

In the beginning when we are born we have no choice but to expand our egos within the family members given to us. However as we mature physically and mentally, there is a need at some point to contract our egos. Eternal expansion of egos is not possible. At some point in this life or the next there seems to be an innate need to contract our egos by surrendering our existence to the ultimate reality. Even this point of realization seems to be orchestrated through divine intervention beyond our control.

Initially our existence is egoistically driven into the material and physical plane of acquisition and expansion. The next stage is to realize that there is something bigger beyond ourselves. At this stage we seem to be compelled to preserve and promote our environment around us through benevolent means. The next stage when we are ready to shed our ego we attain enlightenment with non-attachment to all relationships within our experiences. Non-attachment is not detachment, rather it is a mental state of not depending on them to maintain our state of bliss.

During this process of soul elevation there may be certain relationships who are conducive to this cause, and others who are not. With deep connectedness to our spirit within we can make kindred connections who are also treading on the same path called ‘Satsang’ (Sanskrit सत्सङ्ग sat = true, sanga = company). We then create our own common society of like minds who are on the path of ego contraction. In the process of making our close-knit connections of ‘kindred spirits’ we may need to let go of certain relationships who at one time were seemingly close friends and relatives. Although true non-judgmental love for them is everlasting, association with them may be detrimental to our cause. Unfortunately we may need to let go of our birth relatives to achieve this goal. We may need to let go of those we have known for many years.

Even in a seemingly well-knit society, without the tight-bond of spiritual love, there are always loose ends of mental afflictions (jealousy, hatred, anger, lust, attachment, coveting, hubris, etc.). A very light tug on any of these loose ends can collapse the entire seemingly tight-knit chain of connections.

Developing the knowledge and ability to intuitively recognize kindred spirits is our goal, our path, and our life lesson to ultimately commune with the absolute reality one day.


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