Inspirational Thoughts 8/6/2013: Equilibrium and Liberation

Every creation on earth is constantly trying to find an internal and external sense of equilibrium. At this point of equilibrium creation senses utmost comfort. It is the point of neutral being where there is a feeling of bliss and completeness, where there is no instinctive need for internal or external modifications.

The tree stands tall and strong even as they sway, as long as there is an internal sense of equilibrium. When any force changes the point of balance it falls down. Earth plates move constantly and do not cause distress to the lithosphere as along as there is an internal balance. When the movements are disrupted and the point of neutrality shifts it causes great distress externally. Light winds are ever so welcome as long as the overall sense of nature’s balance is not disrupted, however hurricanes can cause extreme disasters. Rain is welcome, but floods can disrupt the balance. Water quenches thirst, but drowning can kill the same person. Same can be said for cars, planes, boats, trains, etc.

Similarly all living creatures although constantly in motion have an innate sense of equilibrium. At this point there is a feeling of totality and completeness. At any point of time there is a constant attempt to maintain this sense of neutrality. When it gets too hot there is an attempt to cool off. When it gets too cold there is an attempt to warm up. Feelings of hunger, thirst, emotions, weariness, etc are all different signals of the body to indicate that the physical and mental beings are experiencing a shift in the equilibrium. When equilibrium cannot be attained internally by self-regulation the natural response is to seek an external fix to the problem. All diseases are signals from our inner core to indicate imbalance.

Some examples of external fixes to internal shift in balance are medicines, exercise, creature comforts (refrigerator, AC, shelter/ houses, vacations, automobiles, diets- organic/ high protein/ low carb….etc). Some other external fixes to internal shift in harmony are drugs, alcohol, etc. All of these methods of regaining internal balance within are man-made through discoveries, innovations, and inventions. However these solutions are always temporary and inadequate in maintaining the balance permanently (Example: Initially there were AC units in each room which was not sufficient since as soon as he stepped out of the room he experienced heat. So then he invented central air system). So new innovations and discoveries are inevitable as long as man is constantly trying to find an external source of maintaining the innate sense of equilibrium internally.

Ironically the solution is closer to body and mind. The solution is within the human body. (Example: For regulation of body temperature all one needs to learn to do is control the center in the brain called the Hypothalamus to increase or decrease body temperature). It seems to be possible because numerous ascetics have learned to train their body and mind to live in extreme temperatures in the Himalayas without creature comforts. Like the Musk Deer we seem to be looking for solution outside our own body which is a haven for every solution and knowledge for all situations. However we have become so bound to our senses and external perceptions that we are unable to look inwards for solutions.

Majority of us are unable to internally restore our sense of neutrality, and mental bliss and so we rely on external methods such as medicines, sleep, exercise, etc. As long as we utilize these external resources with caution just to regain our equilibrium there should be no reason to be fanatical about the methods and side effects. When we start to use and abuse these external god-given external forces we again experience highs and lows and we get caught in a vicious cycle of addiction. We feel very low without and feel very high with it. In the attempt to constantly find our balance we become addicts of that practice. Drug addicts, alcoholics, hyperactivity are all examples of the body trying very hard to regain neutrality and balance (Hyperactivity is an act of trying to stabilize, gain, and regain the neutral state of alertness where all activities of daily living can be performed with greatest efficiency). Unfortunately once the body and mind is addicted, it is unable to find the neutral point just like a boat in rough waters. So it is caught in a catch 22 situation.

The ideal way of regaining equilibrium is through Yoga and Meditation since these methods tap the internal systems to tune and fine tune the body’s needs. Yoga is useful to regain physical equilibrium by distributing the energy of the life force (breath) through regulated breathing to each cell in the body. When the energy is equally distributed without any kinks in the way the cells are healthy. When the cells regain health, the body is healthy. Meditation is for mental equilibrium by blocking all thoughts in the mind. Thoughts trigger physical changes in the body. When thoughts are blocked and the mind is in neutral state the body experiences a feeling of completeness and thus total bliss.

Neutral state of mind can be maintained only through total surrender to God’s Will. Believe that all circumstances and situation are willed by God for a purpose of greater good. Our only Karma (duty) is to follow the path of Dharma (righteousness). When actions are based on Dharma and the fruits of all actions are surrendered to the will of God there is no reason to be fearful or worried. With no mental distress there is only mental equilibrium.

Believing that it is always God’s way whether it is your way or the highway is the best method to maintain equilibrium. Only through faith in God can one develop a strong sense of intuition where one can discriminate between Dharma and Adharma (non-righteousness). Unfortunately when we deny God, we get a false sense of control when things go as we wished it to, and when things go haywire we try to blame it on someone or something to justify the situation with a quick cause-effect relationship. The truth is that God’s Will is everywhere and in everything. All we can do is will our will to God. That is the ultimate balance in life. That is ultimate liberation.


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