Inspirational Thoughts 8/2/2013: Voyage Facts

  • Everyone has to take their own journey in life. Others including parents, close family, and friends are only bystanders. They can only be supportive through encouragement or by lending a helping hand or by partaking in the journey for a short while. We cannot resolve other’s situations or experience their happiness fully.   The bystanders who too are on their own travels in life cannot complete the quest for that soul. Every soul takes a prescribed and unique journey. The expedition between life and death and the experiences are very exclusive. Though the situations may be similar, the circumstances leading to the situation are different. Due to these differences in the adventures in life, situations cannot be dealt by anyone else other than the soul who is on that road. The situations can be numerous: amassing wealth, declaring bankruptcy, losing family members, disappointments due to the actions of family, friends, acquaintances, and strangers. Both happy and sad situations can only be truly experienced by the soul the situation is meant for.
  • We do not have control over the circumstances, and so we do not have control over the situation that result from the circumstances. There is a constant battle between the past and future in our present life. The present is always a constant conflict of “could be”, “would be”, and “will be”. We are always looking back in the past to analyze our present. We are always fearful of our future because of our past experiences. In the process we never enjoy the present for what it really is. We only have control over our actions and thoughts. To have full control over our actions and thoughts we need to be in the present moment. Being mindful of our present moment allows us to think and act righteously (Dharma). Through righteous actions and thoughts we sow the seeds of divine karma for the future. Allow the future to flow into the present instead of always chasing the future by constantly walking backwards into the past.
  • We map out our course by our own actions and thoughts. Other’s actions and thoughts have no bearing on your journey unless it triggers actions/ reactions and thoughts of your own. Their actions although immensely hurtful or helpful are only affecting their own expedition. Our reaction and thoughts to their actions is what maps our paths. When we react with extreme pleasure, we are bound to be disappointed because pleasure does not last. When we react with pain we trigger thoughts of anger, revenge, etc. Mental afflictions pave your own paths for future. Pain and pleasure dealt with divine love sow the seeds for divine karma for the future.
  • Woods are lovely, dark, and deep.(Robert Frost)….. The voyage of life is through a thick, unknown forest. Nature is wonderful, yet full of surprises and dangers. Cutting through the forest can be unsafe and tedious. There is also a possibility of creating a path to nowhere or traveling in an endless circle. We need a guide, and a guiding system. We need to know our final destination. A knowledgeable guide is our GPS. There are plenty of paths in the forest. The destinations may be many. Our goal in life orchestrates circumstances to find the suitable guide to lead us to the path. If we seek material goals we will find a guide to lead us to our physical pleasures. If we seek spiritual goals we will find a guide to lead us to God. Regardless we need a guiding light to show us the way. The choice is ours.
  • No pain no gain. Even on a well treaded path, guided by a knowledgeable guide, there are uncertainties on the way. The path can be rugged and dangerous. The guide does not promise a smooth travel, but just promises the final destination. If the path is a bed of roses the chances of us not wanting to move along further is great. Pleasure creating experiences stall progress, because of the sense pleasures. The pain helps us keep moving forward towards the goal. With the help of a guide the pain is eased because the guide may even have some antidotes and remedies for mishaps on the way. However painful experiences can be great motivator to reach our final destination with more determination and expediently.
  • …(Robert Frost) and I have promises to keep and miles and miles to go before I Sleep. Sooner or later the final destination for all souls is God. Other goals of sense pleasures and material gains are only wayside stops. The journey does not end until we commune with God. It thus makes most sense to make God our final destination instead of other material way stations which are short-lived and temporary. We can only make pit stops there. Eventually one is compelled to move on. God is the only permanent destination. So why not seek the short route, which is permanent instead of taking long tedious route through impermanent stops?

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