Inspirational Thoughts 7/21/2013: Divine Love

A tribute to my uncle 7/18/2013. Following final funeral procedures, all we have left are memories a living, talking, physical manifestation of something seemingly real just a few hours ago. Uncannily his demise occurred on the very close heels of another close family member of his who too was suffering from poor health.

The loss of a family member is always a void that can never be filled. With the grace of God both souls have continued on a more beautiful and fulfilling journey.

News of death is always dreadful because it is hard to imagine a life without a loved one. It also reminds us that life is fragile, and no one has control over death. When it comes knocking on the door, money, fame, beauty, wisdom, etc. are all rendered powerless. The uncertainty of life creates a feeling of helplessness.

Looking at the 2 life styles individually we would be quick to assess the situations and say the one’s health deteriorated because of self-indulgence and so “his life was short-lived”, and the other was just very unfortunate to become a victim of a horrible disease, although he lived a clean life, however he lived a full life and passed away at an older age. As humans we are always looking to associate conditions and situations through our narrow perceptual lens and we are very quick to prove it with a simple cause-effect relationship. The irony is that in the end the result is exactly the same…..disease, pain, suffering, and eventual abandoning of the mortal coil. In reality life has never been, is, or will be a direct cause-effect occurrence. The variables are too many, far beyond our ability to understand the nuances.

Death is inevitable, whether you eat organic, or inorganic, whether you exercise daily or not, whether you bathe daily or not, whether you go to a place of worship regularly or not, whether you have friends and relatives or not, whether you serve mankind or not, and whether or not you indulge in substances such as drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc. So what is the truth about leading a clean life? What is the meaning of trying to live a healthy and clean life mentally and physically. If the end is exactly the same regardless what is the point of trying to follow a healthy life style?

Could it be possible that pursuit of healthy habits is not for longevity, rather for the pursuit of everlasting joy. As Jefferson declared, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. For eternal bliss, joy and everlasting peace healthy habits of thoughts, actions, and body may be the answer.

Human behaviors, actions, and thoughts are products of desire. Desire is a product of wanting more pleasures which is a bottomless pit. I read recently that everything is valuable until we acquire it, and after we lose it. So pleasure is short-lived once the desire is fulfilled and pain kicks in. When pain kicks in there is a sense of incompleteness. So we develop new desires. Not all desires are fulfilled that causes immense hurt. Some people are just not able to acquire any desire, or are not satisfied when some of the desires are met. So more hurt and more incompleteness is felt. Thus there is even a greater drive to fulfill the desire. The vicious cycle of pleasure and pain, continues throughout our lives based on our desires.

Desires are endless, and every human has similar desires. We want to be top of the class, we want our children to be winners always, we want fame, we want recognition, we want our children to find a good partner and live happily, we want healthy families, we want money, we want our children to lead a “normal” life, be married, have grandchildren before we die, etc. Some people also want to experience pleasures through external stimulation such as alcohol, tobacco, drugs, food, spicy food, rich food, more food, more sweets, etc. Pleasure and pain are two sides of the same coin. Where there is pleasure, there is eventually pain. Feeling of pleasure and pain eventually leads to thoughts of love and hate, good and bad, have vs. have-nots, etc. From the dual thoughts and actions there is eventual feelings of jealousy, anger, hubris, coveting, attachment, etc. We are in an endless loop of feeling desperate from our desires and thus we self-indulge through unhealthy thoughts, unhealthy habits, unhealthy stimulus, to fulfill our desires at any cost.

When we follow healthy habits, we have to inevitably use self-restraint rather than self-indulgence. Any action to fulfill pleasures will always end with pain. However healthy habits which is a product of self-restraint helps to balance thoughts, actions, and body at a neutral state of mind without a duality of thoughts and actions. At a neutral state the mind is not seeking pleasures and thus cannot experience pain. At a neutral state the mind is not racing like wild horses to seek more pleasures. Where there is no pleasure there is no fear of pain. At a neutral state the mind is calm and thus is more meditative. At a neutral state the mind is able to think clearly. When a mind is able to think clearly it is able to accept every experience that comes along with a neutral attitude. When the attitude is neutral the human body is able to take things as they come and go with the flow. When there are no resistances to experiences, existence is blissful with eternal joy through complete surrender.

With complete surrender and balanced thought and blissful state of mind there can only be one neutral emotion of DIVINE LOVE. Through this divine love we can appreciate the true meaning of everything and everyone was created equally, because it is the same divine love that makes and breaks us all. End of the earthly journey is just the beginning of another unknown???

Healthy habits do not improve ‘MY LIFE’. Rather “I AM LIFE”, I am eternal, the divinity within. I am in this body to undertake the journey on earth. If “I” am allowed to DRIVE this body and steer it with healthy habits, thoughts, and actions, the body undertakes the earthly journey with peaceful experiences. Peaceful experiences improve the scenery along the way. With improved scenery there is joy and bliss. However in the end it is all the same…………When it is time we all have to leave………..


2 comments on “Inspirational Thoughts 7/21/2013: Divine Love

  1. I cannot quote the authenticity of that I write, but some one – an astrologer once told me so; It seems that the theoretical life of one human existence is 120 years before rebirth. The longevity of physical existence depends upon how one conducts in life and tends the body. Since most life ceases to exist much before 120 years the prescribed Vedic rituals are performed to keep the soul in peace for the remaining period of the 120 years since birth. Perhaps arising from this the landmark 60 years completion ceremony indicates half life period. Also, The Hindu calendar has a 60 year cycle.

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