Inspirational Thoughts 7/9/2013: Parallel Universes of Personal Truths

We all have our own personal truth about God that we perceive through our senses and experiences. We either think of God as a physical form or a conceptual structure in our thoughts. Even the non-believers think of God similarly even as they are denying.

Our personal experiences make up our world in which we live, within the horizon of our own limited perception. And our world then becomes part of our universe as we perceive it through our thoughts. Thus we create millions of parallel universes with the same physical bodies in them but the actions and outcome in our universe is quite different from each other’s universe. This is our personal truth as manifested through the thoughts in our minds. Our personal truths may sometime match with another, which lends the situation to be friendly, and when they don’t match there is tension and hostility, and at best there is silenced negativity.

This perception of our world around us through our own personal truth is the basis for ego development, ego expansion, and ego preservation.  When we step out of this perceived personal truth as just a neutral observer, we can see the reality in its absoluteness. This is the basis of ego contraction, ego decay and demise, and ego decomposition. Most of us live in our own universe of personal truths and will defend it as being the absolute truth.

While ego development is necessary in our early formative years, this phase of expansion does not cease even as our physical form stops growing. It does not reverse even when our bodies start aging and starts to prepare itself for death. Nothing can grow forever even our own egos. What then happens to our ego that is still in the process of expansion even after our physical form has died? Could this be the basis for rebirth? Our mortal coil within our limited sense perceptions may not have the answer, but it does seem to make sense. Rebirth may be an inevitable process to allow our ever-expanding egos in the form of our thoughts and perceptions to contract and die just like our physical bodies. This may be then the end of the life and birth cycles where the soul is liberated from the physical and thought bodies. The soul being non-other than the essence of existence of this universe which is all-pervading, all-permeating, and all- indwelling within and without every aspect and manifestation of nature. This essence of all of nature’s manifestation can be summarized in one word as God. Thus God is a form, God is a thought or concept, and God is neither form or thought but just IS.

To jump-start the process of ego contraction a spiritual consciousness is necessary. Majority of the everyday people in this world, even the religious ones who go to worship every week, or sing praises of god or pray daily or who do yoga, or even those who claim to meditate are spiritually unconscious as long as the ego is on the expansion path. For spiritual consciousness merging of all the parallel universes is very essential.

Parallel universes can be merged only when we are able to step out of the drama of our life and become an observer of our own drama. As a silent/ neutral observer we realize that what we perceive is manifestations of our thoughts that renders to polarized emotion of dualities. As long as we believe and dwell on these thoughts of polar opposites (good and bad, hate and love, peace and war, past and future, etc) we are bound by our egos. When we no longer feed our thoughts with these polarized ideas, our egos will begin the path of descent and decay.  The universes will then begin to merge into absolute reality that has no opposites, a universe that just ‘IS’, rendering itself to experience absolute reality, joy and bliss of being (Satchitananda) with no oposite emotion attached to it.

This absolute reality which is the primordial energy or the substratum from whence all physical forms manifest is like a never-ending yarn. We can pick up any part of the yarn and knit countless designs (physical manifestations) out of the yarn based on a dual principle of ‘knit’ and ‘pearl’. Just a tug on the yarn at any time and space can dissolve it back to the original yarn. All the designs or manifestations of the yarn are inter-related and inter-connected. Any upset in one of the dual ‘knit’ or ‘pearl’ nature can ruin the outcome of the knitting. Similarly nature can be disrupted by our own ego clashes at any time, which thrives in dually-polarized thoughts.

We are all connected and woven by the same absolute reality but we weave our own parallel universes because of our ever-expanding egos. Merging the universes through ego contraction is the way to ultimate liberation.


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