Inspirational Thoughts 5/24/2013: E=MC2 of Cosmic Intelligence

 E=MC2 Reference:

Speed of light is independent of your frame of reference. So if I’m moving on a train, the train is moving at 100 miles an hour, and I throw a baseball as hard as I can at 80 miles an hour in the direction the train is moving, then with respect to the people on the ground, who are wondering what I’m doing on the train, the ball seems to be moving at 100 plus 80—simple velocity addition—180 miles per hour with respect to the ground. That simple velocity addition formula just doesn’t work at all when it comes to light. If I shoot a light beam off a moving train, then the speed of light is the same in both frames of reference. So the constancy of the speed of light basically means that in different frames of reference the notions of time intervals and distance measurements are fundamentally altered. It applies to what’s going on inside of stars, inside of our own sun. It applies to what’s going on in the center of the galaxy. It applies to what’s going on in the vicinity of black holes. It applies to all the events that took place at the big bang. The visible light that you use to illuminate the page you read, you can calculate how much energy that light has. It’s not enough to make any particles with. You need more energetic light than visible light, than ultraviolet. You gotta get into X-rays. If you get high enough energy X-rays passing by your room, spontaneously, unannounced, unprompted, unscripted, they will make electrons. The whole suite of particles you learn about, all of those can be manufactured simply by entering a pool of energy where that energy is above the mass threshold for that particle. We are fortunately not bathed in that level of energy, because we would first get sterilized, then it would mess with our DNA, and then we would die. So we should be glad we don’t see E = mc2 happening in front of us. It would be a dangerous environment indeed. There are places in the universe where this equation is unfolding moment by moment. How else do you think the universe can be as big as it is now but start out with something smaller than a marble? E = mc2 is cranking, converting matter into energy and back again. When you’re energy you don’t have to take up much space. You can get very small when you’re a pocket of energy. According to special relativity, if you try to accelerate an object that was initially at rest it would start to go faster and faster and as it went faster its effective mass would also increase. And what you’d find is that no matter how hard you pushed on it and no matter how long you pushed, it would keep going faster and faster, but only approaching this limiting velocity of the speed of light. And it would never, ever reach the speed of light or go beyond it. Any particle is a little packet of energy. The amount of energy in the particle is the energy if it was sitting still, plus the extra energy that it would have if it has any motion. Thus you could set the mass equal to zero and you still have energy. And so as far as a particle physicist is concerned, there’s still a particle there. It’s just a particle that can’t ever stop. It always has energy of motion. It’s always going the speed of light.

Applying the formula in a spiritual sense of God Realization:

E= Energy in the OM vibration; M= the depth of meditation; C2=Cosmic Consciousness

Cosmic consciousness is constant which is reflected in the purity of each soul is independent of the frame of reference. No matter how hard one tried to push deeper and deeper it would only approach the limiting consciousness of the cosmic consciousness of universal God Intelligence but would never surpass it. The deeper the meditation the greater the OM energy and vibration. The deeper the meditation, the greater the energy generated from the depth of meditation producing louder and louder energy of OM sound and vibration.

The soul is a packet of energy which is the sum total of meditation energy at rest ( God contemplation) plus energy in motion which is the prescribed duty of each soul on earth including all autonomous activities of the body (breathing, heart beat, etc). The soul always has energy whether at rest or in motion. This soul particle energy cannot be destroyed. It can only change forms.

To realize the Cosmic Consciousness (C2), strong OM Energy (E) is necessary acquired through deep state of mediation (M). The constancy of Cosmic Consciousness basically means that in different frames of reference or minds, the notion of God realization measurements are fundamentally altered through Japa (constant contemplation), Tapa (austerity), Dana (generosity), and Yagna (Sacrifice)

Shunya is Void” or “emptiness,” in Sanskrit; in Mahāyāna Buddhism, the true nature of all phenomena, devoid of all independent self or substance. Ultimately Mass is a pocket of energy. Thus all creation of Mass can be reduced to a particle of energy (soul energy), and all energy can be converted into various forms of creation (Nature). When Adi Shankaracharya was asked who he was by his Guru, he replied “Chidananda Roopam Shivoham Shivoham”. In other words he said he was a blissful state of mind with no form, no quality, and no quantity but just a particle of pure energy.


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