Inspirational Thoughts 4/24/2013: Time

Time is not only eternal, it is also cyclical. Throughout history pendulum has swung back and forth. Like Summer, Spring, Winter and Autumn, each yuga involves stages or gradual changes which the earth and the consciousness of mankind goes through as a whole.

The Satya yuga or era/ epoch is the golden age. Here virtue reigns, and the world is dominated by demigods or Devas. Devas were very in tune with God and source of knowledge was from within. That is what all true yogis have said time and again. Many self-realized and spiritually attuned yogis say that books are not their source of knowledge, all their knowledge is from the deep connection with their inner divinity through mastery of meditative skills. Yogananda says in his autobiography that he did not know any English when he was first asked to speak about spirituality to a group of English speakers. He stood on the stage and meditated deeply. His Guru Sri Yukteswar appeared in his vision and encouraged him to speak without fear. At the end of the speech Parmahamsa Yogananda says he does not know what happened next, but he started speaking fluently in English and got raving reviews about his speech. Recently the great Indian Carnatic singer Dr. Balamurali Krishna mentioned that he has never practiced, music just flows from his mouth. He immerses himself in the divinity of music when on stage and then magic happens for hours. This was is the general state of being during the Satya Yuga.

However even virtue cannot last forever since eventually humans become more egoistic about their abilities, and then their inner divine power starts to dwindle and the next Treta Yuga begins. This was when Lord Rama reigned during the last Treta era. There was mostly virtue with about quarter of the people being egoistic and sinners. Lord Rama’s reign is said to be exemplary one where there was mostly peace and virtue around. In this phase people are still in tune with their inner true self and lived almost like the demigods.

In the next era, the Dwapara Yuga where virtue and sin are distributed equally among people with ever-increasing ego. This is when knowledge has to be sought after externally via books and other methods. Half the people live on the surface and are not in touch with inner divine self. They are not able to obtain all the plethora or information from within. Unfortunately in this process the mind is tainted with the opinions and view points of others who write the books, and ability to think for themselves decreases. This is the time where great discoveries and innovations will occur too. In the last Dwapara Yuga God in the form of a human Krishna was said to ascend on earth to help restore virtue on earth. This is the time when there is possibly great disbelief and rejection of any supernatural/ spiritual skills reported or experienced by a few.

Then in the last Kali Yuga phase, where sin prevails everywhere, chaos will reign and even external knowledge will be of no consequence at that time. Destruction being imminent, eventually the time pendulum will swing back to Dwapara, then Treta, then Satya.

Even though we are in one or the other Yuga it does not mean we don’t strive to create our own Satya worlds around us. Meditation, and deep faith in God is the only way to achieve this little utopia in our own individual worlds. However inventions, and discoveries have happened for a reason, to protect and save mankind since man has lost their own internal abilities to self-preserve. So fanatic rejection of these innovations is futile also. Best example is medication. While over-medicating is unnecessary, not taking medication for an illness by demonizing it is also fanaticism. There has to be a balance at every phase of life by maintaining neutral thoughts to every support available to preserve mankind.

Regardless of what phase of time we are in we need to continue to strive to maintain the Satya Yuga in our own lives while accepting the available supports to keep our mission afloat.


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