Inspirational Thoughts 4/13/13: Act? Scene?

Drama of life is eternal. We are all part of this act. We enter the stage and exit as the director pleases. Could it be that when we exit the stage we are given a new costume and sent back on stage to play another role? May be each new role is based on our performance of our previous role. Are we oblivious to all our previous acts? May be as we advance through our role we are presented with a new scene during each stage of life with the hope that we perform to the best of our abilities. May be we keep assuming a new role in a new act until we perfect our acting skills to the complete satisfaction of the director. We are asked follow the director but sometimes we just don’t do our part with complete faith in the director’s competence. So we start modifying our actions to satisfy our egos. We are so entangled in the drama of life that we tune out the director’s voice slowly and eventually may not even hear him in the din of everyday hussle bussle of life. In this drama of life,we are only meer actors on the stage of the universe. We all have the same director who is also our audience witnessing all our actions tirelessly giving us every opportunity to follow his direction each step our way………….

Are we listening? How do we listen? What is the best way to play our part?

May be we should all try to learn presentational acting rather than representational acting. Presentational acting refers to a relationship that acknowledges the audience, whether directly by addressing them or indirectly through a general attitude or specific use of language, looks, gestures or other signs that indicate that the character or actor is aware of the audience’s presence. Representational acting refers to a relationship in which the audience is studiously ignored and treated as ‘peeping tom’ voyeurs by an actor who remains in-character and absorbed in the dramatic action. The actor behaves as if a fourth wall was present, which maintains an absolute autonomy of the dramatic fiction from the reality of the theatre.
As we play our roles we must enact our duties with complete dedication yet be aware that our true self is not the part we are playing in this act or scene. This can be best performed with presentational acting. Playing our parts by addressing the audience and the director directly for approval and for suggestions. When we get entangled in the drama we become so egocentric that we start believing every pain and pleasure our role encounters. We build a thicker and thicker wall until we start to believe that we are the intelligence that runs our shows. When ego takes over even a simple act of saying thank you and sorry becomes a herculean task to undertake. We argue fuss and fight as to why we should not be courteous in many many sentences rather than saying just 2 or 3 words to make peace with God’s creation and use the rest of the energy to keep enacting our roles. Living a life of representational acting we forget the director and audience watching our play.

Adi Sankaracharya explains it very succintly…..





The pleasures and riches of worldly life are deceptive appearances. Do not be vain about all your acquisitions and possessions. Understanding that they are all but a passing-show, be detached and dispassionate, cultivate renunciation and seek Brahman.


One comment on “Inspirational Thoughts 4/13/13: Act? Scene?

  1. That’s it ….. being constantly aware of the Director and seeking His approval ….. and all else falls into place – brilliant!

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