Inspirational Thoughts 4/2/2013: Spread the Word….

I watched all the 5 episodes of The Bible on History channel recently. Last Sunday I also attended the service for Easter with my family. The Easter service and the Bible series got me into a very pensive mood. I started to think about the story and message of Jesus.

The violence, the mistrust, the ruthlessness, the torture, it seems so absolutely unnecessary to prove the existence of God and his love. We all know God wanted to sacrifice his only son to take the sins of the common everyday people. Having heard the ultimate sacrifice made by God why do we continue to sin?

On the other hand does it mean that since Jesus has already taken on all our sins, are we free to continue to sin? After all Jesus has absolved our sins already. I ask these questions only because the atrocities committed by man on Jesus, continues to exist after him and existed before him. On the other hand, in the name of Jesus, a new beautiful religion called Christianity emerged. .

As I keep thinking further my mind seems to find solace in my own interpretation which rests on the premise of an all-inclusive God who can be reached through any religion that is based out of love.

  • The phrase “Good ol’ days” is just an overused cliché………..things were just the same as it is now or will be in future…………nothing has changed
  • Ultimate goal of all religions seems to be liberation, and to be eternally with God.
  • It seems like all religions propose complete devotion, faith, surrender to God to reach the ultimate goal. Some say that attaining this goal requires many rebirths since that is a difficult task to achieve and some say we have only one life, we come and we go back to God this very life since God has already forgiven our sins. Does it matter who is right as long as we follow the path of love, devotion, faith, and surrender to God?
  • The story of Jesus is love and forgiveness, at the same time it also speaks of the man’s internal weaknesses of fear, and greed that lead us to take self-serving decisions rather than walking on the path of God which is often is the more difficult path to follow.
  • To follow path of love and forgiveness one has to sacrifice their own ego which is often overcome with fear which is like the meek lamb. So we must sacrifice our egos at the altar, sacrifice the lamb within us.
  • Only through this sacrifice can we gain the courage to walk on the path of God
  • We all as humans are predestined to sin, however every time we sin we must remember that we are crucifying God the spirit, God the Son, and God the Father within and without us.
  • Although we crucify him million times a day everyday, he rises again to love us and show us the path of love each time. He does not ever question our actions. He is completely aware of our sins, yet he comes back to love and support us each time.
  • If we know and believe God through faith, devotion, and surrender we will be less likely to hurt God or at least try our best to refrain from such heinous atrocity.
  • If man understands this message of Jesus, is it then absolutely necessary to call himself a Christian and call his God Jesus. Can he not follow the same message by calling himself a Hindu, or Muslim, or Jew, or Sikh, etc? Is the name more important than the message and the action that follows?
  • Is the number of people one converts to the name of the faith more important than the number of people who follow the message?
  • It is all worth it if conversion stops man’s sins on its tracks. Can conversion to Christianity stop the world from being sinful?

As I leave with questions unanswered, I have only one message for all……………To love God in any form and name………….that is the word I wish to spread

Following the path of God is our ‘Tapas’ or penance.
Doing our God given duties on this path with God and for God is our ‘Yagna’ or our oblations/ offerings to God.
Contemplating on God at all times during our Tapas and Yagna is our ‘Japa’ or our meditative repetition of God’s name.
Our unconditional service to all of God’s creation is our ‘Dana’ or charity/ generosity to God……………
One who is immersed in Tapa, Yagna, Japa, and Dana is sure to reach God……………


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