Inspirational Thoughts 3/15/2013: God is Everywhere

The atheists say, “Prove God.” The agnostic says, “Show me God.” The believer says, “I just believe even though I cannot prove it or show you God.” The irony is that there is one answer to all of them. “Look at yourself in the mirror, to know, see and prove that God is real.”

We are all made of thousands of cells, each by itself is endowed with cosmic intelligence and energy. Each cell is matter itself made of atoms. However the atoms in each of the cells do not have the same function and structure. They all have a different cosmic design preordained by the cosmic intelligence via cosmic energy. Nobody programs each cell or directs them to do their specific duties, however the functions are carried out relentlessly day in and day out which in and of itself is proof of the existence of God. Science of the universe can only be proven using all of the signs of God around us.

The same intelligence that helps the tree grow straight up towards the sun, is also in the roots that grow downwards. The same intelligence that makes an apple fall down, is also in the airplane that flies high in the air. The same intelligence that is in the river flowing downstream is also in the Salmon that is swimming upstream to lay its eggs. The same intelligence that gives life is also in the moment that ceases life. The same intelligence in a tall skyscraper standing tall is also in the flat pavements and sidewalks on the side of the road. The same intelligence that divides the cell in the womb to create man is also in the cell that creates a woman. So every living and non-living thing, plant and animal, you and I have the same cosmic energy, and intelligence working within at all times until it is time for the force to be withdrawn at the sole will of this cosmic power- God.

Then when we pray to God, or think of God, or invoke God to help us in all our trials and tribulations why do we only imagine an external God to be our guide. Should we not also think of our own internal self to feel the same God we are trying to implore. It is the same God holding your hand, or giving you a hug when in need as much as it is the same God within you that gives you the strength to come out of difficult situations. So when we do help someone in need, it is the same God within you that gives you the inspiration to do so, as much as when you are able to solve difficult situations by yourselves, or when wonderful ideas just cross your mind resulting in great world discoveries and inventions. It is the same intelligence that orchestrates one’s lives to serendipitously find the perfect job, or the perfect soul mate, or win the lottery ticket unexpectedly.

Then by the same token, why do we feel such satisfaction within ourselves when we are vengeful, when we say something hurtful to someone because we have been hurt. Do we forget that the same God is within all of us so when we hurt another we inadvertently hurt ourselves. One receives as much as he is ready to receive depending on what one is deserving of based on the actions and reactions in the past. The closer one gets to God within, the greater the chances of appropriateness of actions and reactions of the body. So why do we forget that God is Everywhere including within us?

To believe, see, know, and prove God, Sai Baba of Shirdi explains the 9 ways of devotion. In all forms of devotion invoking the omnipresent God within and without is imminent.

Baba said there are nine forms of Bhakti or Devotion:

1. Shravan – Hearing about God

2. Kirtan – Praying to God

3. Smaran – Remembering God- Meditating

4. Padasevan – Resorting to Feet of God- unconditional respect and dedication

5. Archan – Worshipping God

6. Namaskar – Bowing to God

7. Dasya – All Service dedicated to God

8. Sakhyam – All Friendships dedicated to God

9. Atmanivedan – Surrender of the Self to God.

If any of these is faithfully followed, Lord will be pleased and manifest Himself in the home of the devotee.


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