Inspirational Thoughts 3/11/2013: Forgive and Forget

To err is human to forgive is divine…………………. Yet in the same breath we very quickly add the phrase “Forgive and Forget”. Easier said than done. As long as we continue to err the idea of forgiving other’s trespasses seems to be a far-fetched idea. Self-help books claiming to help forget and forgive recommend a variety of psychological and physical activities to reach this goal. None of them seem to provide me with a viable reason and means of accomplishing this task. As easy as it may sound, there is no way to erase a traumatic experience as long as the sufferer is ready to abandon those thoughts. The constant mental chatter of the event or hurtful incidents are like splinters under the skin. They don’t kill but can be very painful every which way you turn around. The irony is that the more those thoughts recur, the better etched in memory it becomes. The more the thoughts are rejected consciously, they do attack the mind with even greater vengeance. Even world religions just as easily preach ideas. Love thy neighbor. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also. Love all hate none. Honorable thoughts without a direction to follow. So we make a complete circle, compelled to accept the fact that forgiving is divine.

To reach this level of divine thoughts and action it is absolutely necessary to tune in with our inner divinity. Our souls, the paragon of purity, integrity, and clarity is where God dwells in each of us. We have to touch, feel, see, taste, and hear this divine inner self to express the beauty externally to the world. Miracles and wonders happen when the mortal body is in complete harmony with this inner divinity- the soul- the divine energy. At this level of existence there is no difference between you and me, him and her, them and us, friend and enemy, family and friends. This world is a vast stage, set by God’s will. Every soul is made in the image of God, so every soul is God incarnate.

Errors of the physical mortal existence has no bearing on the soul, however each error is a smudge on the pure soul. If these errors are not acknowledged, the chances of further errors are inevitable. Each error causes the soul to be further smeared and the clarity of thought to identify with the divine true self is further blurred. The less the clarity of thought, the more the actions and reactions of the body to stoke the individual ego of the physical body. The more the actions and reactions to stoke the ego the greater the chances of the 6 deadly mental afflictions leading to more sins (lust, anger, attachment, hubris, greed, jealousy). The greater the mental afflictions, the greater the chance of more errors on the soul.

Thus to forgive and forget is only possible when the physical self is in complete oneness with the spiritual self. At this level the inner divinity becomes the guide for all our actions and reactions. The chances of committing errors on the soul is minimized. The clarity of thoughts is maximized. With clarity comes unlimited divine potential which then successfully creates an environment of complete calmness, and acceptance of the worst and best situations in our lives.

Sarve Jana Sukino Bhavanthu !

lets remember (which should be) our daily prayer …

Lokaha Samastaha Sukino Bhavanthu (May the whole world be happy) Sarve jana Sukhino Bhavanthu (May all the people be happy) Sarva jeeva janthu sukhino bhavanthu (May all forms of life be happy)

It means “May happiness be unto all” or “Let all beings live in happiness.”


3 comments on “Inspirational Thoughts 3/11/2013: Forgive and Forget

  1. …. and you start looking on events in your life with a gentle, detached humor …. and sharing your jokes with God!

  2. Ajit here is a perfect reply for your comment………..
    Allah ke bande hasde jo bhi ho kal phir aayega
    (Laugh-Child of God- whatever happens, tomorrow will come again)
    (Kailash Kher’s Sufi Songs)

    Kho ke aapne par hi to usne tha ud naa sikha
    (You can learn to fly only after losing your wings)
    Gham ko aapne saath mein lele dard bhi tere kaam aayega
    (Own your sorrows, the pain will also be of use to you)
    Allah ke bande hasde jo bhi ho kal phir aayega
    Tukde tukde ho gaya tha har sapna jab woh toota
    (When your dreams are shattered into pieces)
    Bhikre tukdon mein allah ki marzi ka manzar paayega
    (You will find God’s will and path in every piece of broken dreams)
    Allah ke bande hasde allah ke bande

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