Inspirational Thoughts 1/18/2013: Journey of Life

Everywhere there seems to be this underlying unrest in people due to health, relationship, financial, or other overpowering issues. People seem to fret during the time of turmoil and eventually as time heals they get up from the depths of despair and move on. Some may take longer to get back on the feet than others. However the sense of happiness appears to be a temporary phase. As though wrapping the wound with a cloth, in the meantime the wound continues to bleed.

So what can we do to stop this bleeding permanently? What is happiness? Where can we find it? Who can find it? When can we find it? I have been doing a lot of soul-searching since I started writing these blogs in May of 2012. I have read books on spirituality. I have pondered life. My quest has helped me uncover answers within myself to guide me through this vast ocean of life and suffering.

  • We come into this world alone, and we live and leave alone.
  • Everyone takes their own journey.
  • Fellow travellers are there but they can never complete your journey.
  • Everyone has the ability and free will to make choices to travel on the righteous path
  • Some are lucky to have supports built-in their way just like rest areas. Some rest areas are full service with all amenities (family, friends, professional supports, money, material, etc); some supports are just a pit stop to fulfill basic life survival needs.
  • Some have fellow passengers travelling with them making the travel easier, however they too are just there temporarily until they find their own destination and they move on.
  • Knowing everyone comes and leaves alone, we need to be prepared to depend on ourselves under all circumstances.
  • To depend on ourselves we have to know our true self
  • Since the only constant companion is oneself we need to learn to depend, love, and nurture our true self too.
  • To love and nurture our true self we need to discriminate between our true self which is unbiased and neutral under all circumstances and our false self which is subject to greed, hatred, lust, anger, intoxication, attached and unable to let go, pride-arrogance, and envy-jealousy.
  • The false self is the bad ego which is the egotistic attachment to this physical body and mind which leads to physical and mental suffering, pain and hatred. This is like the bad cholesterol or the LDL.
  • The true self is the knowledge or the awareness of the actions of the body and mind which is neutral to the actions and outcomes. It is called pure consciousness or the good Ego that is just aware of the activities of the physical body and mind. This is like the good cholesterol or the HDL.

High-density lipoproteins (HDL) are small, dense molecules responsible for transporting cholesterol to the liver. HDL is good for your body because it helps remove cholesterol from the arteries and protects against dangerous blockages (plaques) in the arteries. HDL cholesterol is also less likely than other forms of cholesterol to oxidize and leave sticky plaques on artery walls.Good HDL cholesterol carries the bad LDL cholesterol to your liver to disposal before it can plant itself like barnacles in your arteries. Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) carries the majority of cholesterol through your bloodstream and delivers it to the cells of the body. These molecules are larger, less dense, and less stable than HDL. They readily oxidize and deposit plaques on arterial walls to likely to clog arteries and lead to cardiovascular disease. That’s why LDL is known as the “bad” cholesterol.

  • Just like HDL can be improved with good diet and physical exercise to help with disposal of LDL, we can strengthen our pure consciousness within to dispose of the bad ego attached to the physical body and mind.
  • The physical body and mind is temporary, the pure consciousness within is permanent.
  • Without the pure consciousness the body and mind cannot function even if it is fed with the best diet and provided with the best physical exercise.
  • This pure consciousness or the knowledge of awareness of ourselves and our environment is the cosmic energy which we call God.
  • When we identify ourselves to this pure consciousness we eradicate our bad ego and develop a neutral attitude towards life and its’ trials and tribulations. We recognize that the temporary physical body and mind has to withstand pressure, heat, cold, and kneading to eventually metamorphose and become one with the cosmic consciousness. This process of metamorphosis can take many lives until we awaken our inner consciousness and identify ourselves with it to be able to ultimately reach our final goal.
  • In the end all paths lead to the same goal that is God- some reach there sooner and some later.
  • We can improve our awareness and knowledge of true self through believing in God, meditating on this cosmic energy daily and ardently, and using this consciousness to help us make the appropriate choices using our free will
  • The greater the awareness of this pure consciousness, the greater the intuitive power of eradicating the bad ego.
  • Meditative breathing exercises and yoga is useful as long as the goal is to attach ourselves to the good ego. The techniques are effective when the true self is your guide on the journey of life which promotes a life of neutrality, decreases stress, decreases mental and physical agony, decreases cell degeneration, decreases cell waste, which in turn decreases LDL because of decreased amounts of plaque through oxidation of the waste products. Mental neutrality is the best anti-oxidant of all.
  • Finally, easier said than done, we all face challenges in life which seems insurmountable, however we can all strive to continue to explore our true selves and improve overall peace and contentment in the world.

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