Inspirational Thoughts 12/26/2012: Faith and Love

My dog Cocoa has been gone for more than 2 years, but she is still fresh in our thoughts. She lived for 16 years and enriched our lives in so many ways. When we first adopted her she was this little black ball of fur with 2 cutest shining eyes. I instantly fell in love with her. She was hardly 3 months old. It was not all bed of roses however. She would always look for ways to get into trouble. She was so full of mischief that at one point I was almost ready to give her up to the animal shelter. The first month she was with us she dug up the yard and tried to escape from under the fence. She chewed up the cable wires three times. She would target only the black cable wires and leave the white one alone.  It took us a while before we could figure out a way to stop this chewing disaster. She chewed the corner of the couch. She had left a white tissue mess one day on the floor, looked like it had snowed inside the house. Cocoa has participated in each our festive occasions in her own way.  She either ate up all the pies Grandma had baked one Christmas by climbing on the washer. Every time we put up the ornaments on the tree we had to be prepared to find at least one of the ornaments chewed up for the year. One year she ate up a whole pound of clarified butter. I was ready to kill her while cleaning up the mess at 2 in the night. One year she ate up an entire German Chocolate cake. She could not resist gum to save her life. One year she ate the entire box of girl scout Chocolate Mint cookies. Every day was something to look forward to with Cocoa. We had to constantly be on our guard not knowing how, when, and where Cocoa would get her nose in. She knew very well that we would be angry when we found out. She would hide and not come out till the coast was clear. She knew she was going to be in trouble. However when everything was well and forgotten she was again the same old Cocoa full of love and vigor for us. When I look back I do not know how I tolerated her shenanigans. But my love for her did not change a bit.

Finally during the last year of her life her health had deteriorated. I had prepared myself mentally for the day when Cocoa would not be with us anymore. I knew the reality but when reality hit home it was unbearable. Her mouth cancer had progressed so much the last 20 days that she had stopped eating. I could not bear to see her suffer. I had to put her down. The day I took her to the vet, Cocoa had the same cute look in her eyes that united us on the first day. She sat next to me the whole time when we were waiting to be called in. She always was petrified of going to the Vets’, she would always stick to me like I was her great savior and protector. Her faith in me was undeterred that day just like any other day. She looked at me with complete devotion, love, and faith that I would only do right by her now and forever. That day I was filled with an emotion of awe for her faith in me, helplessness with my limited human capacity, and my undying love for her wanting to do right by her without selfish motives of wanting to have her by my side without any regard for her feelings of pain by prolonging her life.  I am sure I did the right thing for her that day without regard for my selfish needs.

Just like Cocoa, life can be annoying, destructive, consuming, uncertain, tempting, arousing curiosity, dangerous, etc. Just like Cocoa we all are full of mischief. Just like Cocoa we learn to endure and live life, sometimes in fear, guilt, impulsivity, and sometimes with full of vigor and enthusiasm. However just like Cocoa if we accept and embrace life as it comes with complete love and undying faith for God knowing that he loves us selflessly, I am sure God will do right by us with his limitless capacities. Because of this selfless love,  God will not give up on us regardless of who we are as long as we have FAITH and LOVE in God just like Cocoa.

Wishing all a very bright and promising 2013 influenced and enriched with undying LOVE and FAITH in GOD.


3 comments on “Inspirational Thoughts 12/26/2012: Faith and Love

  1. beautiful thought !!! loved ones never die . our brain can store so much love for them. The more it allows you to think of them it feeds more love , like wise – – if we hate some one the brain [obviously] will feed more of hate and the end can be disastrous !!! Amma

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