Inspirational Thoughts 12/23/2012: Ahimsa

Just on the heels of the Connecticut massacre India is facing a very troubling social issue of women’s safety and respect. A young girl was gang raped in New Delhi. I pray for her fragile soul as she is fighting for her life in the hospital.

Rape is more of an act.of violence,power and degradation rather than a sexually motivated crime.

God knows thousands of married women in India are subject to this type of physical and emotional violence but yet when their own sons are petpetrators of such heinous acts they look the other side. Ironically also men who are abusers themselves will not tolerate if their daughters are involved in such crime.

We as a society we need to stop such compartmentalized thought process and start viewing all creation bound by the same spiritual divinity. We need to teach our children that regardless of who we hurt we are hurting the same spirit that binds us all. Without this binding divinity nothing will,has or does exist.

If women stand up for other women,the men who perpetrate such crime will think twice. Lot of crimes of abuse by men domestically is passively encouraged by the women (example:  mothers- in-law who defend the actions of their sons, even though sometimes they too were victims themselves and their mothers-in-law did not stand up for them). So these same men don’t think twice before commiting similar crimes outside.

A mental evolution of AHIMSA (refraining from abuse and torture) can happen with universal love,universal divinity,and universal respect which can only be cultivated with strong non-egotistic self love, self respect, and acceptance of inner divinity. Self respect and love of our bodies, our souls, and our environment ( homes, neighborhood, property, community, country, world, universe……) can be possible only when we feel divinity within and without us.

I pray that the men in my life (my sons especially) will be the harbingers of my message of Ahimsa while assertively  upholding their own respect. God Bless


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