Inspirational Thoughts 11/10/2012: Yin-Yang

I have been feeling somewhat uncertain of our country’s future lately with surmounting debts, and no real improvement in economy. Its been somewhat disconcerting amidst this gloomy economic situation the whole world is rejoicing the return of the same administration for another 4 years. Although in the past this has not been of any major emotional disturbance, this year I have been having numerous conversations to settle my nerves. I go back to my philosophical roots often to convince myself that God has a plan, which is for the best. Just like he created a total solar eclipse in the middle of a Mahabharat war which helped the righteous prevail, he sent hurricane Sandy just in time which impacted the outcome of the election. In my tunnel vision I am not able to perceive the whole picture, I just decide to surrender to his mercy without questioning the means, convincing myself that in the end it will all be OK. This philosophy lasts only for a few moments before fear grips me again as I think of the future. I then wonder why the whole world is rejoicing this victory. I have to wonder if my thoughts have become so archaic that nobody relates to it anymore. Finally I realized that this is just another example of Yin-Yang dynamics. My Tae Kwon Do teacher explained it to be the dynamic interaction of seemingly opposing but complementary forces. During high tides the forces that comes in land is stronger, during low tides the forces that recede the ocean is stronger. In between tides for a few moments there is perfect calmness on the ocean top which makes it look like a lake. That is the moment of Yin-Yang balance. I think at this time the country is experiencing the stronger effect of one opposing view-point. However it cannot remain in that state too long, the other opposing view-point will eventually get stronger and pull the country to the other side. At some point however there will be a time of perfect peace. However this too is temporary. It is like standing on the fulcrum of the see-saw. You can stand perfectly still for a few minutes and balance it like a beam, but only for a few minutes. Eventually the body will shift to one side and shift the weight down. When the weight is too unevenly balanced the body automatically will pull to the other side to stabilize it and in the process may start pulling the weight to the opposite side. This phenomenon is common to every walk of life including politics.

For the longest time people dying from deadly diseases caused vaccinations to be invented. When these diseases were eradicated people forgot the pain it had caused in the past. New diseases such as autism was discovered, and then the vaccinations were blamed for autism. So people decided to stop vaccinating their children causing return of certain diseases such as Whooping cough in parts of the country where vaccinations have been demonized. Same with Soy intake craze, no milk diet, meat only diet.. all these have long-term detrimental effects where the currents are pulling back to moderation.

Gun control issue is another example where right to bear arms was implemented because of Governmental force to uproot people from their homes. That was a scary situation. Now in a fairly peaceful society no one remembers the perils of our forefathers. The society is demonizing Guns to the point of wanting to reverse the constitutional law.

In every society in the present and in the past this phenomenon has prevailed. When forces pull to one side without opposing complementary force the societies have completely collapsed.  However new societies have formed and flourished again. The waxing and waning of the universe, countries, kingdoms, weather, climate is inevitable with or without human existence. Let us just respect each side with openness, humility, and with spirituality so that we can continue to build a strong future for ourselves and our children by not allowing our ego to take control of us. Let us not lean totally towards analytical decision, or towards emotional decisions. Let us use a balance of both our yin-yang thinking…. analysis/logic as well as emotions to make well-balanced decisions for the good of this country. For example we need to support our less fortunate individuals with disabilities with our tax payer’s dollars, however perfectly capable individuals should be taught to fish and not given free fish. When ego takes control our decisions are made for self-serving purposes, and not for the greater good.

I hope the law makers get my memo this time around to help this dwindling economy. On the other hand this is God’s drama of life and universe, he is the director, so he knows the script, the beginning, the end, and the middle…… in the end of it all I just SURRENDER.


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