Inspirational Thoughts 10/27/2012: Soul Vs. Sole Development Part 3

My 3 part stream of thoughts were inspired by the same book authored by my good friend Ajit Damodaran, titled ‘Your Success Story’. He had presented this book years ago. I had read it in my early stages of soul development when I was ‘learning to read’. This time around as I am ‘reading to learn’, the thoughts that it has triggered is surrealistic beyond my imagination.

In his book he talks about ideas such as Neurolinguistic Processing- NLP; Neurochemical Processing- NCP; and Neurospiritual Processing- NSP. To know more about these concepts it may be best to read his book. The essence of these concepts is to improve one’s lifestyle by changing the thought engrams through NLP which changes the NCP that is associated with these thoughts that triggers negative or positive emotions. In my process of spiritual evolution it seems that  NSP is the most effective way to trigger positive NLP and NCP.

God is conceptualized through NSP by

  • Looking to learn by self-control. The thoughts for immediate gratification and the compulsion to possess theitem would be eliminated with self-control by appreciating God’s beauty without having to possess it.
  •  Listening to learn through deep meditation.Deep meditation can foster a calm state of mind and eventually foster thoughtlessness. The egotistic thoughts of negative patterns can be substituted positive patterns through meditation where the brain is more in tune with the pure consciousness. When thoughts are in complete  harmony with pure consciousness (God) one can hear the voice of God through pure positive thoughts (NLP) which will then trigger positive emotions (NCP). It helps to discriminate between the thoughts streaming through your ego and the voice of pure consciousness.
  •  Tasting to learn by self-surrender.Knowing that eating and drinking is not for self-gratifying behavior. Nutrition is essential to keep the integrity of the body or the temple that houses pure consciousness. By total surrender to this higher power one food choices in terms of likes and dislikes will be merely to sustain this body and not to gratify the taste buds.
  • Smelling to learn by breathing control. Breathing is the first function to determine the difference between life and death. Breathing being the life force to keep this body functioning, good harmony and breath control is essential for overall NSP.
  • Feeling to learn by self-awareness.Touch is a very strong communicator of love and lack of it. Touch can trigger both negative and positive thoughts. Through NSP touch can be used to discriminate between the physical mortal coil we are able to feel and the true pure consciousness that is within. Self-awareness that I am attached to this pure consciousness helps to trigger positive NLP and NCP subsequently.

This true knowledge or wisdom of understanding God is then integrated into life which is the ultimate essence of true devotion and happiness.

Every action is triggered through free will. This free will can be triggered through egotistic thoughts desecrated with negative thought processes of our daily life or it can be triggered through spiritual processing consecrated with pure consciousness (God) of positive thoughts. This action however cannot occur without the spirit of God in you. So all actions good and bad are triggered through the will of God. God however provides plenty of opportunities to use free will wisely. Wrong choices of actions are due to egotistic attachment. Even when thoughts are not conveyed in actions, egotistic thoughts can trigger emotions that will influence subsequent actions that may prove to be unhealthy choices. Thus through spiritual processing thoughts are controlled and resulting emotions are controlled to optimize life and living as long as one is alive.
Could it be that training the mind to produce neutral emotions is possibly the stepping stone to self-realization.


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