Inspirational Thoughts 10/262012: Soul Vs. Sole Development Part 2

In my previous blog I had made a connection between Piaget’s stages of human development and my own understanding of Spiritual development. The final stage of Piaget’s development is the ‘Formal Operational Stage’.

This stage starts at age 12 and continues until adulthood. During this time, a  child develops his ability to think about abstract concepts. Logical thought,  deductive logical reasoning and the ability to plan emerge during this stage. He  can do mathematical calculations, think creatively and imagine the outcome of  particular actions.

In spiritual development this stage too is highly evolved with a very deep abstract understanding of divinity. Worldly religious views about God which is regional and divisive is considered primitive. Strong belief grows daily in universal divinity of God’s true nature of omnipresence, omniscience, and omnipotence.

True saints and highly evolved souls around the world are able to elevate themselves to this stage. Here there is a deep understanding of cosmic intelligence. Religious practices and texts are believed to be just the means to an end of seeking God. There is a deeper understanding of Cosmic Intelligence where divinity and the Spirit of God is perceived in everything and everyone.

Here God is conceptualized by looking to learn by self-control; listening to learn through deep meditation; tasting to learn by self-surrender; smelling to learn by breathing control; feeling to learn by self-awareness. This true knowledge or wisdom of understanding God is then integrated into life which is the ultimate essence of true devotion.

In the past I have often failed to understand the meaning of “love thy neighbor” and wondered how that would be different from falling in love with your neighbor. How can you love everyone? It has felt vain to say “I love myself”.  I have wondered what the phrase “I love you but I do not like you”really conveyed. The true meaning can only be grasped with the true understanding of God’s spirit in everything and everyone. It is the same spirit that keeps this universe in constant motion and constant change. The love we spread is of this spirit, by this spirit, and for this spirit.  Phrases like motherly, brotherly, sisterly love are for the concrete thinkers to delineate their physical affection. Ultimately even a lover who may be falling in love has to first love the divinity within the person before loving the mortal coil while falling in love. When God’s love is understood clearly there will be no room for lust. Falling in love will become a divine act. With the same spirit of God one will protect this body from succumbing to over indulgence (over eating, drinking, starvation, extra marital affairs, etc). This body will be then considered a pure fort that houses the divinity within. Our daily needs or God-given obligatory actions, including eating, drinking, sleeping, sex, etc, will only then be considered sacred,  to preserve this temple, for God’s work.

Krishna in the Gita has mentioned that 1 in a 1000 truly seek him (God) and out of the 1000 who really seek him (God) only 1 finally finds him. Which means only few seekers can actually conceptualize the presence of God. It is Ok to question God as long as it is done with devotion and with a purpose to further understand God’s presence to seek him and not with the goal of disproving his presence.

Spiritual development thus may not be achievable in one life time. It is an evolutionary process. However every soul will eventually stumble its way to the goal now or later to reunite with God the spirit.

So keep loving, and spreading God’s love because we all have come and will go back to that same source ultimately……….


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