Inspirational thoughts 8/22/2012: We are all made in the Image of God

I have heard the statement that we are all made in the image of God time and again. I have often wondered what that meant. I have wondered if the earth is like a huge big mirror, and everything we see around us is a reflection of God…….the Cosmic Intelligence. In Hinduism this concept is explained as a delusion or “Maya” of our sensory perception. Some masters explain it as a movie or a show. God as the director of the show, projecting his show through a beam of light. For an abstract thinker who is spiritually advanced this explanation appears to be more than sufficient. They can easily understand the notion of a “Nirguna Brahman” or a formless God. Others who are are concrete thinkers, need to perceive God through their sensory input. They need to understand the “Saguna Brahman” or the God with a sacred form. My blog today is to try to explain the phrase: “in the Image of God” using the “Saguna Brahman” concept.

In the Gita the difference between male and female is a state of mind rather than the external physiology or anatomy. Logic and analytic aspect of mental processing is the male and the emotional counterpart is the female. In recent times science has proven that all human brains has a right and left hemisphere. The right hemisphere is the logic and analytical part and the right hemisphere is the emotional part of thought processes. Thus all humans have a little bit of male and female in them. A proper balance of the male and female aspects i.e., logic/ analysis and emotions is most conducive for every human.

In many religions there is also a trinity aspect of God. For example: Some say it is the Father, the Holy Ghost, and the Son; and some others say it is the destroyer, the creator, and the preserver. In plain terms, it can be said that for the universe to continue to exist as God’s creation all three aspects are equally essential.

In all of nature there is an original unit of existence such as a cell with the logical and analytical code- the Father- the male aspect. This beginning unit has to be cradled in a conducive environment- the Holy Ghost requiring nurturing and caring emotions- the female aspect, which than develops further and produces the- Son.

We also know that life exists in harmony when individual players on this planet are able to use logic and analytical thought processes to discern righteousness from non-righteousness (Dharma Vs. Adharma).  When the logical brain (male) is able to recognize Adharma it is able to destroy it. However destruction can create hardships, turmoil, and pain where we all need the nurture and caring aspect to support the rebuilding process and ‘creating’ a better future (female). The Son who is the product of the Father and Holy Ghost is the ‘preserver’ of righteousness.

Every form of existence has a logical unique code with definite characteristics. Every form has to have a conducive environment to foster its existence. Every form has to have enough of its kind to preserve its existence on the universe and to avoid extinction.

Humans are no exception to this triune existence. We all need a little bit of logic and a little bit of emotion to foster righteousness within ourselves and in our society. The wisdom of logic and the just knowledge of emotion produces a righteous son in each one of us. In other words the trinity aspect of God is in each one of us. When we develop the qualities as it was intended by God we can feel and know the “Image of God” within ourselves and all around us.


2 comments on “Inspirational thoughts 8/22/2012: We are all made in the Image of God

  1. Paramahansa Yogananda describes the Christian concept of trinity in the following way …. the Father is the Unmanifest God beyond creation, the Nirguna Brahman; the Son is the Manifest God within creation, the Saguna Brahman; and the Holy Ghost is the Spirit that holds the Universe together, the Om that is the substratum of all the energy of the Universe – the background hum that one hears when there is no other sound, the roar of the Ocean we hear when we block our ears.

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