Inspirational thoughts 8/17/2012: Clairvoyance

I have had dreams that were indicative of a future event or a newsflash of a remote event. I have always brushed them aside as being a coincidence. When I related the dreams to others they did the same. I wonder if we make light of these mental occurrences because our human mind is not able to perceive ideas beyond our horizon of experience. We have been brainwashed to give so much credibility to our sensory perceptions such as sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste, that experiences beyond our sensory realm cannot be given any credibility. We are so programmed to believe a scientific model of cause and effect and double blind studies, that stray incidents related to clairvoyance or intuition are considered coincidences, or a subconscious activity, or a figment of our imagination. Just because they cannot be duplicated or proved in a scientific model does it really mean that it does not exist? Or is it just a lack of our human capacity to understand and believe in something beyond our limitations of conceptualizing life and existence as we know of today? There are certainly stories of such intuitive incidents throughout the world. Are these mere coincidences or is there more to our mental capacity than we are aware of today?

As I ponder. I cannot explain how I knew my friend was in an accident miles away in India while I was blissfully sleeping in US? I had not known of his whereabouts in months. When I did get in touch with him, my dream was miraculously confirmed. How did I know that my boss’s mother was coming to visit her that week, when I did not know where her mother lived. She confirmed my dream the next day. I was told that she was going to pick up her mom at the airport that week. We had not had any discussion about it previously. I cannot explain why my Grandmother who had passed on a couple years ago, appeared in my dream just as alive as could be, to tell me that my sister was going to have a baby girl 2 months before we were able to find out the sex via an ultrasound. The same Grandmother had warned me about some difficulties I would be facing in life but she assured me that I will be alright. It proved to be right again. The most recent dream was about my aunt who was looking for a job after having been laid off from her previous company. I had not spoken to her since I was told she lost her job. The day before yesterday I had a dream that she got this fantastic offer in a company to manage their finances. It proved to be accurate the very same day after I wrote to her about my dream.

I am certainly not elevating myself to a supernatural or mystical being. I am as human in flesh and blood as possible. So why do I have these experiences? When I was talking about my dreams to my son this morning he as anyone would, brushed it aside lightly and told me casually that he has had such dreams which seem to have proven to be accurate at a future date. He too has brushed his own experience with amusement. Does that mean that my family is abnormal, paranormal, or just normal? I think it is normal for everyone to have these intuitive thoughts we just do not heed to these instances with any seriousness. We are too conditioned to think that dreams are just a reflection of our subconscious mind. While majority of the times this is true, I think we all have the ability to touch a different realm i.e., super consciousness where we connect with our inner divinity. And the best time for most of us, is in our sleep because we actually forget our human body at a conscious plane when we are in deep state of slumber. We are not bothered by internal and external sensory distractions. I also believe that when we internalize our external sensory distractions during our wake cycle we are again bothered by them internally in our sleep cycle in our subconscious plane. Our subconscious plane distracts us from reaching this super conscious plane effectively majority of the times.

The Gita, as explained by many divine souls who have tread this earth to promote human progress, says that  this ability which we call intuition, premonition, or clairvoyance is the bridge to connect with out inner divinity. The super conscious plane is our inner divinity, our soul, our substratum which is the spark that keeps us all alive and going. This source or cosmic intelligence or energy is pure always and has a complete blue print of our lives in the past, present and future based on our own actions of our human mortal existences. The freedom of choice we have in all our actions good and bad is silently witnessed by this inner divinity which is a part and parcel of this cosmic divinity of the universe. Our actions determine our own consequences. We have to all face our consequences eventually. It may take a life time or many life times.

Saints do believe that every soul has the ability to develop this intuitive power, we just have to give it enough credit. Intuition is not the inner voice of distraction that justifies actions on a conscious plane. Intuition is that voice of truth which is not a product of our conscious logical and analytical thoughts.

The great souls believe that when the body, mind and speech are purified it is able to reflect the purity of the soul just like a mirror. They say that when the body, mind and speech are all burdened with impurities of our mundane human existence we become so opaque that only our human impurities are reflected in the purity of the soul. The soul is ever pure and crystal clear. To be able to see our divine self through our human existence we have to cleanse ourselves. We have to be rid of lust, anger, jealousy, unnecessary materialistic attachment, coveting, and greed. When we are rid of these impurities our ego is eliminated and we identify ourselves with our inner divinity and not with our body. And when we identify ourselves with our inner divinity we can be intuitive even in our own mundane human existence.

Scientists like Einstein have had inspirations through this intuitive mind and have changed the world. These inspirations were not a product of their logical thought processes, it was an idea born out of this divine voice which was then proved through the human logic and analysis. Most saints have had experience that are out of our realm of human understanding by having developed their human ability to connect with this inner divinity at all times.

I think every human experiences these moments of utter purity in their sleep when they are not attached to their human perceptions. It is during these times that we have such experiences which seems beyond normal phenomenon. The ability to go past the subconscious plane in the sleep cycle, and to develop intuition at a conscious level in the wake cycle is a tedious task. To balance the material and spiritual world is not easy with our everyday stressful living. It takes a lot to develop mental calmness, deep concentration by training to ignore our inner and external distractions with self- control over our senses. To develop non-attachment to sensory pleasure such as substance (drugs, alcohol, nicotine, food, etc), money, and sex. It takes life times to gain control over these vices and so we do not experience intuitive qualities at all times like the saints.

But we can all strive to be like the saints…………..and may be one day…………….


4 comments on “Inspirational thoughts 8/17/2012: Clairvoyance

  1. I liked Stephen Gaskin’s take on this… [which may have something he got from his friend Suzuki Roshi?] That each ego, each [imagining itself] separate ‘self’, is like a knothole in a fence. Behind the fence, mental activity is going on… maintaining the world we experience; but what’s ‘conscious’ to an ‘individual’ is the view through a hole. Bigger opening, more of what’s going on becomes visible. To God, one big scene, the view beyond. For us, we sometimes glimpse a little more of that than usual… especially if it’s about someone closely connected. Probably, as you say, easier for people who aren’t too focused on personal ___.

  2. A word of encouragement, if I may ….. looking at the big picture, the fact that we are becoming keenly aware of our own spiritual development, and that we are making those (often frustrating) efforts at self-discipline and focused prayer/ meditation means we are very close to enlightenment. An analogy I have heard is, if we liken our spiritual journey to a road trip from New York to Los Angeles, it’s like we’re already in the suburbs of Los Angeles. The journey may seem to be excruciatingly slow (L.A. traffic, ha ha), but take heart 🙂

    • Thanks Ajit. Your words of encouragement are always welcome. Frankly I am not sure where these thoughts are streaming from. I just read this blog again after a long time, and it did not feel like these were my words from my mortal perceptions..
      If these inspirations trigggers more from other medium (i.e.- you) then I would say it was God’s plan in the first place anyway……
      So do not hold back the cosmic plan…. keep writing.
      In Yogananda’s words, we must have been spiritual co-travelers previously and may be we are completing the rest of the plan.
      Here is the big picture query from me????????? why did Yogananda inspire you to present me his book years ago and why did Sai Baba inspire me to present you his book after inspiring me to actually finish reading Yogananda’s book? Why did God unite me with Sharmila all those years ago, and why did we unite you to her? Why was I born in Cuttack so close to Puri where Yogananda lived a big part of his life? Why did my mom inspire me to read Saisatcharitra last year? Why was my dad born in a family where there was such strong influence of SaiBaba’s presence?
      it is not possible to answer these questions from a mere mortal perception I think. Write on Ajit please

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