Inspirational Thoughts 8/4/2012: Cosmic Vs. Scientific Vs. Egoistic Intelligence

Nature that can be perceived and explained is Scientific Intelligence, Nature yet to be perceived and understood, but inherently present is Cosmic Intelligence.
At one time in the past everything was Cosmic Intelligence including life on earth and evolution. With advent of logical reasoning and analysis, nature was better explained and understood. However, logical reasoning skills gave rise to personal ego, giving credit to oneself for one’s abilities, instead of the cosmic intelligence. Ego is the screen of ignorance that hides the source of nature, which is true knowledge. True knowledge is thus cosmic intelligence. Egoistic knowledge is ignorance. Cosmic Intelligence is light, ignorance is dark. The light of true knowledge reveals nature as the image of the Cosmic Intelligence which is God. Our own intelligence which helps us comprehend nature is cosmic intelligence which is God itself.
Scientists who use the light from true knowledge to understand nature are able to make scientific advances to uplift society. Scientists that use egoistic intelligence remain ignorant and create fear and thwart societal progress.
In history whenever humans have understood nature as the image of God which is in turn nurtured by God have developed a very healthy and deep respect for nature and have treated it as the property of this Cosmic Intelligence that is God itself. Societal benefits from this mindset, is and has been unfathomable in all areas of art, literature, and science.


3 comments on “Inspirational Thoughts 8/4/2012: Cosmic Vs. Scientific Vs. Egoistic Intelligence

  1. Well-written! The analogy I like to use is …. however powerful a computer, it can never match the infinite expanse of the internet. However great a human, they cannot compare to one who is humbly connected to the Infinite Intelligence ….. the possibilities become endless!

    • Brilliant, the same intelligence that created the internet has to key in information into the computer to help it work correctly. Glitches are seen when the computer thinks it can function independently without the force to key in the information.
      In short Cosmic Intelligence is Sattvik, Scientific Intelligence is Rajasic, and Egoistic Intelligence is Tamasic!!!
      Love your analogy

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