Inspirational Thoughts 7/29/2012: Mental evolution

I completed reading the Gita on the 19th of July this year. I had attempted to read it many times in the past, but have not been successful in going past the first couple pages. I have heard that unless there is divine will it is almost impossible to complete any task big or small. I am sure we have all encountered such experiences where we have had road blocks to complete a seemingly simple task and at other times we have been able to miraculously complete a herculean task which we never thought we would complete. It does seem like a divine plan, and blessing for me to be able to finish reading the book. Once I picked up the book there was no looking back this time. I took me just about 2 months to read and digest the information. Although some of my inspirational thoughts were a product of what I read and understood, I was pleasantly surprised that some of the thoughts seemed to be validated in the chapters I had not read yet. It sometimes felt like I was reading the information passively just by laying next to the book miraculously.

I do  believe that miracles are everywhere, we just have to look for it with faith and look for them through our divine inner eye. When we get in touch with our inner divinity we also have the ability to be an instrument of the same miracle. And to get in touch with our inner divinity we have to surrender our ego completely to this same divine power with undying faith. This ability to surrender our ego to the divine power is a process of mental evolution.

This blog is a continuation of  my previous post dated 5/5/2012, where I had mentioned that we humans can be classified in one of the 4 categories. These categories have been popularly used as a caste system and a birthright. In the Gita however these categories are based on the 3 main qualities of mental being. The Sattvik quality being absolutely pure with complete surrender to God. The Rajasic quality results in self-gratification behavior, and the Tamasic quality results in the injury of others or self.

In the Gita the last chapter mentions that every human regardless of which category of the caste system they belong to, has the complete freedom of choice to evolve into a higher state of being and attain the pure Brahmin state, the highest state of evolution with Sattvik qualities. This evolutionary process may take years and life times to achieve. Much like the concept of scientific evolution. The Hindu mythological stories in Dasha Avatar follows the same concept of scientific evolution. Gita however states that the process of mental evolution can be enhanced with complete surrender to divinity.

With faith in God……
the Shudras can work with their hands and feet with dedication and devotion much as the labor class of our society to move up to the Vaishya class. The Vaishya class can also move up to the Kshatriya status with dedication and devotion by working to provide food for self and others. To satisfy hunger and to preserve the integrity of the physical body. Businesses, traders, and farmers are the best example of this type of work. The Kshatriyas can move up to complete enlightenment of a Brahmin caste by engaging in heartfelt righteous acts of protection of self and society with courage. Their job is to uphold and preserve “dharma”. Moral and societal values and laws. Much as our soldiers who selflessly give up their life to protect us from evil forces. Once the mind evolves to the Brahmin state complete liberation is possible by faith, dedication, devotion, and complete surrender of his ego. The soul merges into the Supreme Brahmin or the Holy spirit and becomes one with God. The spiritual leaders fulfill this role.

We humans spend so much energy in challenging the very presence or concept of God. Whether the presence or concept is man-made or not is so insignificant compared to the spiritual message. It may be so much more efficient to use the same energy in following the message with unconditional faith. Doing our obligatory duties without any expectations. The ends may justify the means after all even if there is no God………………..


2 comments on “Inspirational Thoughts 7/29/2012: Mental evolution

  1. Kavita, congratulations on reading the Gita in its entirety ….. tremendous wisdom in there, isn’t there? You are blessed indeed!

    I have found myself running the spectrum of Sattvik, Rajasic and some Tamasik qualities even in the course of a single day. But over time, as I spend more and more time in Sattvik association … books, blogs and family/friends ….. and of course intimacy with God in the form of prayer/meditation, I find myself increasingly manifesting Sattvik qualities … it’s fascinating to be a witness to one’s own spiritual evolution, isn’t it?

  2. It is with Sai Baba’s blessings I have been able to read the Sai Satcharitra, Autobiography of the Yogi, and the Gita within the period of 12 months. A miracle which is a self evident phenomenon of the power of knowledge vs. lack thereof which is ignorance. I have tasted both, and pray that I never tread the path of ignorance in this life and after.
    I identify with you completely, and wishing you every success in your endeavor.

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