Inspirational thoughts 7/13/2012: Brotherhood and World Peace

Religion is a language to communicate with God. Spirituality is the path to commune with God. All religions aspire to cultivate spirituality in its purest form. However human interpretations may distort the secular message of religion. Human interpretations are based on personal experiences, sensory perceptions, and personal mind set which distorts the absolute reality. Thus the onus is on each of us to interpret our religious text with the aspiration of attaining spirituality.

The most obvious outcome on the intellect of the individual when religion and spirituality culminate are:

Humility- which destroys the notion that my God is better than your God. Promotes the notion that your God is my God too. Never to consider oneself or one’s thoughts to be superior to the another.

Modesty- accepting our abilities and talents are a blessing of a higher power and to genuinely appreciate our God given privileges.

Non-Injury: All things in the universe are endowed with divinity. To treat everything and everyone with respect and care.

Forbearance: Believing that all humans are products of the same divinity. Regardless of who they are and their behavior they have to be given the same divine respect and forgiven for their trespasses

Uprightness: To be just in our conduct and demand the same from those around us

Purity: of thought, and body

Steadfastness: and perseverance to improve oneself to spiritual perfection

Self-control: from all worldly temptations especially money, substance abuse, and sex.

Service: Respect, and reverence to the teacher who leads one towards Godliness.

A spiritually evolved human thus undertakes all earthy duties to perfection, as a service to God and not for self-serving purposes. All service to mankind, the earth and the universe is viewed through spirituality as a service to this power beyond human existence and cognition.

Individuals that interpret and use religion to promote these thoughts attain true spirituality and ultimate brotherhood for peace and harmony on earth.


3 comments on “Inspirational thoughts 7/13/2012: Brotherhood and World Peace

  1. Wise words indeed, Kavita! I’ve heard of a concept called vertical alignment, where essentially all our needs and desires as we live full, fulfilling lives as human beings are sublimated into a greater desire for God. God first, family second, job third and so on. For example, if we engage in a criminal activity to support our family, that would be against God, so we don’t. Job and business are wonderful, but if our career activity is at the expense of family, then we would decrease our engagement in career. And so on ……

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