Inspirational Thoughts: Father’s day 6/15/2012

I have realized that chauffeuring my boys for various and sundry activities has been one of the most enjoyable and productive family time for me. I know I have their undivided attention in the small confines of my van, and of course I expect them to participate in the conversation even if they think that I am the most boring thing in the world (which I am sure every mom of a teen age child has been bestowed with this unconditional love phrase time and again).

Yesterday was one of those days once again……….I asked them who they would strive to emulate when they become a Dad themselves…………Their first loving response was..”Mom why do you ask these questions?”  “We don’t know….” “why should we think of that now?” “At least we know we will not be as strict as you, you will not even let us skip Tae Kwon Do for one day…” whine whine whine.. But eventually the wild horses came around and we did successfully compile a set of virtues for a great Dad as we were reflecting on the relevance of Father’s day celebration.

As we were discussing the topic we all agreed that a good Dad should be

Fun and interactive as their own dad.. my husband (When he is around my children are in heaven)

Able to talk about a variety of topics just like their Grandpa my father-in-law…because he is so smart and knowledgeable (he is a walking Encyclopedia)

To be disciplined, well planned, and knowledgeable like their Thatha, my Dad…(because my Dad at his age is able to commute back and forth between my sister’s and my house on a weekly basis and keeps chugging along……….impressive, give him a project and he will stick to it until it is done…perseveration is his forte….)

Have undying faith and devotion for a greater power than ourselves like my Thatha my Dad’s dad (he had unconditional faith in Shirdi SaiBaba and he believed that his family has seen better days over time both educationally and financially because of his blessings)

Ever loving and patient with children, like my other Thatha, my Mom’s Dad…(I did not know him very well because he passed away when I was still a child, but my Mom and her siblings never stop praising him even to this day….much to the chagrin of their spouses, I just get such a serene feeling when I hear those stories)

Respectful towards women always………..Any dad that respects women unconditionally will earn the undying and unconditional love from their children without a doubt was my advice to them in the end.

Unfortunately at this time we had arrived at our destination and they jumped out of the car with a great big smile on their face………wonder why??????????????????


4 comments on “Inspirational Thoughts: Father’s day 6/15/2012

  1. Great job, Kavita – well-rounded discussion of qualities – I’m looking forward to the time when Jay and Dave will be adults and be model human beings! “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” – Proverbs 22:6.

    • Ajit I just so appreciate your input from another resource. It just validates the point that Yama and Niyama are universal truths. By that logic God is the same everywhere. Please continue to contribute.

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