Inspirational thoughts 6/11/2012: We need Satan to recognize the Saints

We all have 5 avenues of sense perceptions through our eyes, ears, tongue, skin, and nose. These sensory perceptions are there for us for develop skills for awareness, localization, discrimination, and conceptualization of our environment around us. The sensory perceptions can develop and mature only with development of focus and attention to ourselves and our environment around us. This is the essence of mindfulness. Mindfulness can develop and mature when we have self-control over our mind and thoughts. Use of the sense perceptions without mindfulness is indulgence. Use of sense perceptions with mindfulness is true knowledge of the divinity around us and within us. All fame, prosperity, power, character, thoughts, desire, emotions that stem from that knowledge is also divine and pure.

Saints develop divine knowledge by using their God given sensory perceptions for discerning divinity from the devil. On the other hand Satan uses these God given sensory perceptive abilities to indulge in them, to get physical and bodily pleasure from them. All the six evils of emotions- lust, anger, greed, delusory emotional attachment, envy, and jealousy arise from indulgence. It is very easy to be swayed towards the Satan because it is here and now and is tangible with immediate gratification. It is hard work to be a saint because it is a mind-set, intangible, and does not provide immediate gratification. Humans are naturally attracted to the tangible objects unless self-control is developed daily, and every minute of your life as long as you live. Even the seemingly well balanced and controlled human can slip when not being mindful and vice-versa.

We sometimes have to experience ungodly situations in our own lives through our sense avenues (eyes, ears, tongue, skin, and nose) to discern good from evil. The more fortunate ones can discern the Godly and Ungodly by their sense of smell, vision, and hearing. Others unfortunately have to feel and taste ungodly situations before they know and understand the God and divinity around them. For example we can and must earnestly teach our children that abuse (substance, material, physical, mental), indiscriminate and thoughtless sex, and violence are root of all evils in the world. The fortunate ones see, hear, and smell the evil in these activities, and do not venture to try them out. The other less fortunate ones have to feel and taste it to understand the evil inherent in the poison. These situations do not spare adults either.

The world is full of lying, deceitful, and immoral people as much as there are honest, upright, and moral individuals. Unfortunately humans are also capable of indulging in their senses in the privacy of their thoughts or homes. They are capable of putting on a facade for the world, to be accepted on the righteous side. Only the individual themselves are the only ones privy to the truth about themselves, and are the only ones who can change their behaviors for the right cause. If we use our sensory perceptions to discern these qualities in ourselves we can turn on the light within us to destroy the darkness around us.

Know and accept that evil and good have to coexist for growth and evolution. Evolution is a product of the interplay of good concepts versus the evil concepts. Without Satan it would be impossible to recognize the Saints of the world. The universe is full of diametrically opposite concepts. Every moment of our life is a cross road between choices. To discern the right choice that leads to the path of God we need to have well established knowledge of Ungodliness.

Satan has haunted me twice, which almost crushed me. It has eaten into my very fiber of existence. However I have also realized that because of the horrific experiences, I have been able to discern the light and divinity within myself. I had never until now truly recognized my own divine virtues. I always have undermined my goodness for fear of sounding self-righteous. Today I have realized that I have in fact been a Godly being all along. I thanked God today for the first time for sending me these satanic experiences to help me discern the Saint in myself.

I was a believer until now, I believed in everyone except myself. I am still a believer, but I believe in me. I do respect everyone’s opinions, but believe in my own because it comes from a place of complete divinity, and faith. I strive to follow my convictions daily  in thoughts and actions and I pray that I can continue to gain energy from the divine light within myself to always choose the Saintly path now and forever.


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