Inspirational thoughts 5/28/2012 Peace and Harmony

Let us make the world a better place to live.

Let us save the world

Let us leave a clean earth for our children

Let us not use up all our resources

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

No more war, no more bloodshed, no more loss of life, no more collateral damage, no more innocent lives lost

No more cruelty against animals………

Wonder how we can accomplish such lofty goals to truly promote world peace and harmony? It almost seems impossible to accomplish the ideals in this short life time we have been each given. It seems a task that is so big that there does not seem to be enough time in the day to do everything you want to achieve…So how can we? Obviously we all want to preserve this manifestation of divinity, we call nature..

First of all to be able to even conceptualize preservation we all have to have a sense of ownership of this earth we live on. If we all accept the fact that this earth belongs to us and we have to do everything to safegaurd it. To accept earth belongs to all of us equally we have to change our mindset of man made boundaries.

To expand our horizons we have to change our perceptions of what belongs to us. The house we live in, is ours, but the house is surrounded by a yard which is ours, but the yard is in a small subdivision which is in a our community. However the community is in the small town which is in a city, which is in a state, which is in our country, which is in a continent, which is in a hemisphere, which is part of our earth, which is part of the milky way galaxy, which is in our universe. So ultimately the universe is ours. So if the universe is ours why would we not do everything in our power to preserve? The answer is simple the universe is too large to conceptualize and understand the sense of belonging. In our limited capacity to understand such vastness humans loose track of their mission of preservation of this vast divinity.

To make it easier for comprehension and conceptualizing the meaning of ownership within each of our limited capacities we must then try to make the task as achievable as possible. This universe is ours how do we preserve it while promoting intellectual progress which is equally important and essential?

Living as cave men again is stagnation. Intellectual stagnation does not promote progress. Intellectual capacities are ever expanding and was intended to be harnessed by divine power. We need industrial world as much as we need the plants and forests and natural resources. We cannot stop intellectual revolution. History has taught us that. During the Renaissance period intellectual progress was unstoppable which led to the modern world of industrialization eventually.

Thus while we promote human intelligence in our every day life we have to have a sense of ownership of something small enough that our human vision can conceptualize. To simplify this enormous task we need to tread backwards again. This universe is ours but it is too big to take care of single handedly, so let us take care of our milky way galaxy, but that is too big too, so let us take care of our earth, which is too big too, so let us take care of our hemisphere, but that is too big too, so let us take care of our continent, but that is too vast so let us take care of our country, but that is too big let us take care of our state, but this is too large too, so let us take care of our town which is not small enough, let us take care of our community, but that is not manageable enough so let us take care of our subdivision which is still so big, so let us take care of our yard, which is still unmanageable, so let us take care of our house but that is still a quite a large task. So then the only think we have left is take care of ourselves. If each one of us take up the mission of preserving our own integrity and sanctity it would promote the integrity and sanctity of the small area around you which then would expand the sense of well being to the entire universe indirectly.

The way to preserving our own integrity and sanctity is by doing all your daily life duties by way of spiritual dedication. Through spirituality actions will be performed to the very best of abilities, the outcome of actions will not cause distress. Changes in the environment will be accepted as they happen. There will be no mental distress and nobody to blame. Choices made in life will be through the same spiritual judgment.
Actions done out of such pure thoughts can only promote peace and harmony.

I know this is a tall order goal to achieve but it may be a better solution than wanting the world to change around you to preserve the divine goodness.


6 comments on “Inspirational thoughts 5/28/2012 Peace and Harmony

  1. Thank you. I enjoyed your article very much. My question to you: doesn’t change also come with questioning the environment around you? At some point in time, we have accepted the gifts of this world (food, clothing, shelter) without considering the following: Where did it come from? How was it made/grown? What went into the process? Has anyone/animals/earth been harmed for the profitability of 1 person/people/companies/etc… I totally agree with your article that change comes from within. But doesn’t it also start from the strength it takes to question your surroundings and knowing that you may not like what you learn? Haven’t we gotten to where we are because “Ignorance is Bliss” vs. “Knowledge is Power”?

    • Hi Gayatri, Glad you enjoyed the blog. Here is my thought on your comment. Yes we all have to question our environment. That is how we effect changes for the better. The inventions of today become obsolete tomorrow because of our ability to question and use our intelligence to come up with better things that are more environmentally friendly (example the first car that was built was the best invention in its time, but over time people have come up with more fuel efficient cars to promote a healthy environment. Those cars of yester years are absolutely obsolete). My point being that you cannot prevent progress of god given gift of human intelligence. We are always thinking of better things to improve quality of life and environment. It is a good thing. My only hope is that this ever evolving intelligence is used to promote the divinity around us. If each of us can act with only that one thought we will not have to wait for the world to change. It will automatically become a peaceful place to live. We will not have to use fear tactics to persuade people to change their ways. Cultivating and developing fear is only fostering ignorance. The truth is we can only do our best to promote the divinity around us, but we cannot be absolutely sure that our actions will effect the change we expect from our environment. We do not have control over it. We can only try to the best of our abilities. That divine power that sustains this universe may have a totally different plan for us. So regardless change will happen, with or without us. But we can only do our part on this earth within our limited capacity with total respect and devotion for the divinity.

      In my opinion ‘Ignorance’ is not respecting the divinity around you which cultivates unnecessary fear, and ‘Knowledge’ is respecting the divine power which fosters courage to face our ever changing world because we have done everything in our power to preserve it.

  2. kavit its a great topic to discuss the pros & cons of the modernisation. on one hand its overwhelming to see the explosion of science but on the other it is sickenning to see the devastation it leavs behind . now let us start from the grossroot level . taking care of our selves . we cleanup our houses and yards & dump the trash into our neighbours [ causing them discomfort ]. is it ethically correct ? can we pretend ignorance ? but if we are a bit mindful we would dispose it properly. similerly when a person dumps the factory waste into the nearest river causing discomfort to the neighbours & distress to the envoirnament it cannot be part of the scientifc devolepment ? it certainly affects the invoirnment . how do we adress these kind of problems ? how do we educate people? how do we deal with stubborn insensitive selfish humanbeings ? i do not disagree to the fact that changes in envoirnament is inevitable but …………let us keep our fingers crossed. amma

    • Amma dear,
      If you believe in the same divinity inside you to be around you, you will respect everything equally. You will accept the universe as a part of you. You will care for everything in it as yours. ownership expands to the entire universe including your neighbor’s property and the river you dump the toxic waste. You can only control your own action. You can lead by example. You can only do your best. If each of us follows this principle you will not have to change your neighbor. Educate about divinity and respect for it. Education by fear is ignorance.
      Do your best and let change happen by faith. Don’t allow chance happen by fate. Keep your fingers crossed with complete faith that whatever happens is for a reason beyond our comprehension.
      creation and destruction is not in our hands and we do not control these acts of the divine power

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