Inspirational thoughts 5/21/2012 If you want to help someone in need be a true friend indeed

• The best thing you can do for a person in dire distress mentally or physically is not to encourage their destructive actions

• Destructive behavior that is encouraged can cause harm not only to the person involved but to all near and dear ones who truly and deeply care about their well-being.

• Destructive behavior can be stopped from further chaos only when the people in the first circle of their lives, who are truly also in harm’s way, are involved in the process of rehabilitation or recovery

• When destruction is imminent, all sense of privacy of the person should be disregarded for a higher good

• Privacy is appropriate for those who have the mental and physical capacity to help themselves.

• The person who is destructive at the moment most often does not have the ability to make rational decisions. They may not know, or may not want to know the implications of their actions.

• Most often a person who is able to make rational decisions, would seek the help of those who would help stop their destructive behavior

• When a distressed person comes to you, provide assistance without a selfish motive of personal gain. The chances are that they are seeking you because you are at that time most accessible to them. The chances are the person coming to you is looking for validation of their actions which they intuitively know is causing harm to all around and to themselves.

• When helping a person following a path of ignorance, guide the individual with your intuition first (the inner conscience of truth and morality) before providing tuition or advice (knowledge of how to handle the situation, your sympathy, and empathy)

• When helping a person following blind thoughts, guide the individual with your inner insight (inner consciousness of goodness) before providing sight to the person to see better

• When helping a person seeking support and love, guide the individual with your compassion first (true love for a fellow human being) before showing passion of external meaningless love

• If you truly have compassion for the human, you will be willing to stand up for the truth, tell the person that his actions are wrong, and provide guidance to make right choices, and will not enable destructive behaviors, even if the person is your own flesh and blood.

Being on the path of destruction is a slow painful process, it is like quick sand, it will drag you down to complete annihilation. Be aware and try to see the grain of truth in every advice that comes your way even if it is a bitter pill to swallow. Chances are you may save yourself from the depths of despair.

You never know which soul comes your way in the form of divine grace to give you a helping hand. If you just give a moment to hear them out without letting your emotions taint your thoughts you may see some truth in their statement. Thoughts (how dare the person advice me..) lead to emotions (anger, frustration) which leads to your physiological responses (face redness, body tightness..), which leads to the behavior response (argument, retaliation, etc). This is a vicious cycle of doom.

Everyone has a different way of presenting ideas and feedback. Not all will present it to you palatably. You do not have to follow all advice, you do not have to like all advice, but you may benefit from listening and introspecting.


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