Inspirational Thoughts 5/19/2012 Parity in disparity of life

Life has never been equitable at any time as long as life has existed on earth. There has always been a variety in our existence including the poorest to richest, the sickest to the healthiest, from the pious to the evil, weakest to the strongest, happiest to the unhappiest, etc. The only equanimity among all of these disparities is the impermanence of all existence on earth.

We live in a life within a range of possibilities always. The richest man today may not be the richest tomorrow. The sickest person today may not be the sickest the next instance. Our happiest moment today may not be the happiest instance a moment later. Our deepest depth of despair may be something we would have wished we still faced compared to the next situation that comes along.

On a scale of 1-10 my pain of 10 may be only a 2 for someone else, and similarly my happiness of 8 may be a 5 for someone else. And my wealth of 9 can be 1 for another wealthier man. Considering that everything in life is so variable based on perceptions how can we mandate equality of happiness, pleasure and wealth in the world?

No matter how much we share our wealth, happiness, or pleasure, the chances are that the it will not be sufficient and satisfactory enough to the receiver and the next instant they will have a new level of desire to make them happy.
If equality of wealth is the right thing to do, why don’t we share it within our own families, among siblings, with our relatives. Why are there so many families with disparity of wealth between the different family members? More often than not, the reason that would be given is that the wealth was acquired from their sweat and blood and it is not fair that we have to give it away even if they were our own family members. Then why mandate that we have to distribute it to others in the world?

This may be one of the reasons for dwindling joint family systems in many parts of the world over time. From the nature of inconsistency it is inevitable that some members in the family would be more efficient and hard working than others. Naturally those members not wanting to be the beast of burden for the other, less conscious about their work ethics, members may have eventually seceded from the joint family concept to more nuclear existence.

The solution is thus not giving away or sharing our resources through mandates. Giving and sharing should be a volunteered act of kindness with total selflessness. It should be out of real necessity to the receiver, and not to foster learned helplessness.

To help the have- nots raise their standards of living it would seem more logical to teach them skills to help themselves be self sufficient, rather than giving away resources which will only fulfill their desire for a moment. Desire is a bottomless pit. There can be no amount of wealth in the world that can be given away to fill this pit.

Giving away the knowledge of self sufficiency is a much better selfless act of sharing than giving away resources.

I read today that knowledge and wealth are both acquired very slowly. So the chances are that if a person starts on the path of self-sufficiency today, the benefits will be reaped by the next generations through good role modeling of the parents.

My Grandparents were great examples of dedication to self-sufficiency.  They expected help that could only be earned through hard work. It was a blow to their self-respect to accept hand outs given away by the haves of the society. Through their dedication and perseverance all their children improved their status to a better level and this pattern has positively continued to the 4th generation thus far.

Thus in this world of impermanence and diversity we need to not worry about who has more and who has less, we need to not let our thoughts cloud our abilities with envy and arrogance. We need to teach each other self-sufficiency, self-respect and patience of delayed gratification. We need to give away knowledge of using whatever resource we have, to improve our own standards of living. We need to teach each other that it is OK to be rich or poor as long as we can be content with who we are. After all this too shall pass.

The truth of the matter is within the similarity of life and death, we all live in an constant flux of change and range………………….

So trying to make everyone equal based on tangible needs is a man made ideal, against the God given gift of disparity in nature.

Hopefully we can take solace in the truth that everyone is equal in his eyes no matter how different one may look or have or behave. Hope that we can be content and take what life doles out while we continue to work towards our goals. Lets go with the flow of external nature, while trying to alleviate ourselves individually to a higher level internally. Let us make the world a better place for our future generations and leave behind a heritage for posterity.


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