Inspirational thoughts 5/15/2012 Truth and Paradox of religious beliefs.

All religions are based on the firm belief that God is Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent. By the very virtue of that statement the only logical conclusion would be that “Your God is My God”

Being that God is Omnipotent and all powerful, he has been able to create a universe with similar sentient and non-sentient entities throughout the world. If there were many Gods with varying degrees of powers there would seem to be groups of creations which would be different from each other. Depending on the God that presided in that area the creation would be so different that there would be no homogeneity in the world. The human body would be different based on each creator’s whims and fancies. And chances are we would not even look, talk, walk, or exist alike. Because My God is Your God, barring the differences from our external appearances, which is primarily because of nature’s phenomenon and interaction, we have one world. So how can anyone deny the notion that My God is your God?

Being that God is Omnipresent, the presence of God is everywhere, no matter where you travel in the world. If there were many Gods, then each of the God would reside or preside in the environment that was created by that divinity. So if this is true what happens when that area of earth is converted from one religion to another. Even if that new God is now the presiding power, what happens to the creation that was already in place. Does the omnipresence get converted to the new power. Do Gods change from time to time just by changing the label of the ‘presiding God’ based on mundane human thoughts and ideologies? The only logical solution would be to believe that “your God is My God”, and the religions are just a language to talk to God. Each language has the same message. The words used are different. Just like human languages are modes of communicating among humans, religion is the mode of communicating with God.

Being that God is Omniscient it stands to reason that he understands every religious language in the world. If we think that one religion is any better than the other to talk to God, then we are undermining the all knowing ability of God. The truth is by the nature of Omniscience he should understand all regardless how you communicate with him. It does not matter if the language of God is spoken by just 1 person or a billion people. It is all the same in the eyes of the beholder. He speaks back in the same language you communicate to give us all the same message of Love.

Why can’t we all just focus all our energy in getting to know this Omniscient, Omnipotent, and Omnipresent power.

Points to ponder:

Is God Omnipresent or Mundane?

Is God Omniscient or Nescient?

Is God Omnipotent or Impotent?

If we all believed that My God is Your God too, the mode of communication (religion) would be so insignificant that…………….

There would be no need to prove that our God is better than your God

There would be no need to spread the message of My God in my language of God

There would be no need to increase the number of people speaking my language of God

There would be no need to demean Your God or My God

There would be no need to kill each other to prove that my God is more worthy than your God.

“All roads lead to Rome….”

Wishing everyone a very harmonious life and peaceful living……………


6 comments on “Inspirational thoughts 5/15/2012 Truth and Paradox of religious beliefs.

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  3. It would be funny, wouldn’t it? ….. if there weren’t so much misery created in the name of religion — and this applies to extreme elements of all faiths.

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