Inspirational Thoughts 5/9/2012 ‘Holistic Yoga in our daily grind’

The word Yoga has been overly used in the modern world. It is the new fad to improve health and relaxation. However the traditional term “YOGA”  connotes a different holistic meaning for life and living.  The postures that are taught in Yoga classes are just a small aspect of broader perspective of YOGA. Yoga is the way of living a wholesome life, within our daily grind.

To become a true yogi there are many different facets of life that have to be addressed.

To lead pure or sattvik life learning to first of all exercise SELF-CONTROL over all senses is very important. Self-control does not mean depriving the senses. It is the ability to enjoy the beauty of the world through all our sense organs without being dependent on them. This applies to all senses of taste, hearing, seeing, touch, smell.

Everything in moderation is key. However degree of moderation varies for each individual and for each sensory stimulation. If the sensory stimulation is harmful to the body and mind, then moderation is equivalent to avoidance in that situation, as in the use of recreational drugs. For an alchoholic moderate comsumption of alchohol is equivalent to total avoidance by exercising self control. Enjoying a proportionate amount of ice-cream is perfectly alright for a non-diabetic but may not be the same for a diabetic. It is not self-control when the body and mind falls victim to the craving and our thoughts are obsessed with the sensory stimulation.

Self-control fosters a sense of respect and reverance to all of God’s creation. It also fosters a strong sixth sense or Intuition. Intuition is the gift we all have but fail to realize it adequately. Intuition is our highway to our inner pure soul.

The sixth sense or intuition or God Consciousness can be  developed by understanding and learning the knowledge of Godliness, by learning worldly etiquette which originates from the strong foundation of Godliness, by learning to take responsibility for actions or deeds, by learning to perform daily duties with dedication, by learning appropriate breathing patterns, by learning to focus singularly on a chosen object, and by learning to meditate with complete body and mind calmness. To achieve this level of ultimate mental stillness, it is conducive to have a relaxed, loose, and supple body. The YOGA ASANAS OR POSTURES, that are taught commercially were originally meant to prepare the body for this ultimate level of mind and body stillness for long periods of time.

A YOGI  develops and integrates these skills in all worldly activities. A Yogi is content and is at complete state of bliss even while experiencing the ups and downs of the roller coaster of life.

Wishing all a lifetime of contentment and happiness through the practice of  ‘HOLISTIC YOGA’


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