Inspirational thought 5/5/2012- The four I s

In  Bhagvatgita, the sacred text of Hinduism, God talks about the caste system. One of the interpretations of this much condemned system, worldwide, struck a chord in my mind. It  states that it is neither a birthright nor a permanent label. It is the state of being. These are called the varnashrams of life.

The four categories namely Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, and Shudra are directly related to one’s dedication to faith and god. It is not related to the job or occupation or the family one is born into. It is related to each individual’s set of qualities or ‘gunas’.

A Brahmin is one who believes that their actions, their knowledge, and their devotion to God are not apart from each other. They are all one and the same. Every action including sleeping, eating, thinking, playing, etc. are all dedicated to God. Every action initiated through God, by God, for God, and to God, cleanses the mind  and soul to utmost sattvik or pure quality of being.

Kshatriya individuals have sattvik qualities but also are swayed by their own egos through their rajasic quality. While stoking their egos they experience unwanted emotions of jealousy, anger, greed, etc. Their ego obstructs their vision of the pure self.

Vaishya individuals are swayed by their own egos and also tainted heavily by the tamasic quality which is total ignorance.  This state renders to unthinking and distorted mental states such as depression, and lack of internal calm.

The Shudra individuals are those who are tainted completely in tamasic qualities with utmost ignorance and contempt of anything Godly around them. Their actions are result of blind thoughts. In this state of ignorance or total darkness, the soul is so tainted that there is no vision of God. In encouraging tamasic quality they believe that their actions, their knowledge and their devotion are apart from each other.

At any time one can stoop low to the shudra state of being when the idea of God is removed from their daily living.

Based on the interpretation of the varnasharams it seems to me that Brahmin-Kshatriya-Vaishya-Shudra are on a continuum of living life. At any time one can be lifted to a higher state of being or one can slide down to the shudra state of being. The upward and downward movement is heavily influenced by the company you are in.

The stages can be thus be summarized as a much dynamic 4 I s   system……………..

Inspirational- Insolence-Indolence-Ignorance.

To be inspirational one must crucify the ego, take responsibility for their own actions, and come out of darkness.

In this lifetime let us all strive to be Brahmins not by virtue of entitlement or birthright………God Bless


2 comments on “Inspirational thought 5/5/2012- The four I s

  1. Well-written blog, Kavita! You are so right in that we live on a continuum of the four varnas …. from the heights of sattva-guna to the depths of tamas – we hope we are more inclined to the higher planes of existence, per choice like you have explained, not by entitlement or birthright.

    I particularly like the four “I”s – creative penmanship!

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